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Best Raid Boss Team For This Week

I’m at level 190 in raid boss currently…and currently struggling my butt off to advance to the next level. Any advice on best defense team for Raid Wars? I was using mang, igneus, infernus and another igneus but can’t compete with their regeneration/damage ability.
Any suggestions???

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Thank you! Yeah, infernus has proved inefficient these last few legs of it…yasmine’s pride was useful a few levels ago but once their armor is destroyed it’s pretty useless :slight_smile: will try to work up a new team with your suggestions and see if it’s a good fit…thanks again!


Mang on top is very great for quick win in tricky match, especially with the right class that give 50% mana startup. Try some more board control to align the skull, and you will progress past hard levels in no time. Good luck! ^^

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I just used gob chomper, mang, igneus and obsidian … literally blew threw level 190…mang 2nd gives the gob chomper a chance to eliminate the goblin and I was able to power up mang 3 times/attack over 275.
Excellent tip!!!

I kept my class at divine…bc I can enchant mang when matching green gems. I’m sure the Titan or newer class would do great too/just don’t have them powered up as high as my divine class :slight_smile:
PS…don’t even have obsidian or gob chomper fully traited and it was still ten times easier :slight_smile:

Titan class as always for me, it is just too good with the lightning strike perk imo.

I may end up having to work on my Titan class/build it up before I run thru level 200+ :slight_smile:
Thank you again for all of your help…I was stumped!

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What works very well for me is:
Hope’s Cresent
Stone Giant
First I try to charge Hope’s Cresent and discharge against Zuul to get rid of his armor and give him a nice kick and then I discharge Igneus to finish him off.
Since Hope’s cresent deals 3x damage against enemy’s with higher life he also deals a nice punch against other enemy’s and get’s rid of their armor.