Best Legendary Cards & best card lineup to use

Just wanted to know what cards were considered the best Legendaries in the game and what card lineups people use the most.

The best Legends are any of the Legendary dragons, Gloom Leaf & Keeper of Souls.

Best teams? Try checking out this topic here. Though I warn you, it’s rather long.

thanks for the help

Just to throw in a couple thoughts on the Legendary question, Webspinner, despite being downgraded a couple times, is still ridiculously good.

Webspinner used to be the best.

Bone Dragon is incredible especially against bloated troops. My current team is Gloom Leaf (fully developed). Silent One, Cesestrasia, Bone Dragon.

I have run into this type of team a lot in differing orders and when it cascades well can be a real pain :slight_smile: