Best E12 team

With everyone chasing the Elusive Mimic - what is everyone’s go to speed mindless E12 team?

Either a Centazuul or Venobee team depending on what class I am leveling at the moment. A Slayer Zuul’Goth team is very fast though but for me it is already at 100. Venobee is the most mindless though if you wanna do it while watching tv or something.

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I second Venobee to @havok6669. Zuul x Slayer is likely faster if you can maintain attention, however, for long-running sessions, this is impossible, at least for me. Venobee is maintainable literally for hours while doing other stuff and it is still pretty fast (fastest I could still find) for E12 farming.


Another Venobee ( :smile: ) here.
If it’s Zaejin : Elementalist Centazuul
Kingdoms with “Submerge” troops (Merlantis, Blackhawk, Bright Forest, Ghulvania) : Slayer Centazuul.

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Sins Harvest

Crypt Banner Red++, Purple+ Green-

Generally clears Level 12 battles for me in 10 moves or fewer.



Probably the fastest team for 12. I only use it in Ghulvania, because there are zero impervious troops. There’s one troop immune to fire (Kelpie), so you’ll need to use Zuul on them.

If you want the same team with more consistency at the sacrifice of speed, swap out Scylla for King Bloodhammer or Archproxy Yvendra, so that the Doomstorm (or Uber Doomstorm) procs after you kill the first enemy, not when you make the first 4+ match.

I really like Archproxy Yvendra+The Possessed King, personally. It’s slower than Leprechaun+Scylla by a few seconds average, but it’s much more consistent.

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Hey… you know you can speed the game up, right?

No clue what the Centazuul (centuragon/zuul ? ) or Venobee (venoxia/queen bee ?) line ups are.
Care to share ?
I live a very sheltered life :rofl:

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I often use:

Oceas tome, deck hand, zuul and TPK. Its ideal for the likes of elementalist and tide caller. If you are boosting weaker classes such as oracle, green golem in top slot plus oceas tome zuul and TPK is solid. I dont know what centazuul etc are. Not much point giving team suggestions with only 2 obvious troops but again oceas tome and TPK or deck hand will do here. For a bit of variety i like oceas tome deck hand HKI and piscea. No green troop to feed off piscea but it doesnt really matter. However against dwarf teams etc ur gonna have to skull smash unless you have a hero with stun.

It is ok sorry most of us take for granted these teams have been seen in guild global and forums many times that people would know the teams by now and the name only implies a couple troops because the rest of the team are variable and have different configurations. A lot of people use hero up front and use slayer currently it is being used to level shaman. Doomed Axe is a popular weapon choice with Slayer class. EoE is also a popular weapon or Flammifer.
Also Venobee can have different options for weapons and classes currently leveling Barbarian but Archer probably works best with it but any class that starts with leafstorm is useful can use most teams though I would avoid a fully traited Sunspear or Stormcaller class. Can use Doomed Glaive optionally, EoE, Mountain Crusher or Arboreal Crystal. All have different benefits and flaws either mana blocking more providing different storms and collecting mana or creating Doomskulls.


Is Venobee better than a Rowanne + Megavore team?

I would say yes Rowanne team is decent for early / mid game but these teams can be much faster later as they have looping potential and can often deny enemy teams a turn.


My other two favourites are Wrath/TLoS and Sheggra/Flaming Oni (Slayer)

My current favorite is Orpheus Lute Slayer/Thrall/ZuulGoth/Flaming Oni (Banner of Sin). Getting flame gems at start of battle is awesome, especially if you have a Thrall match. Can often kill one or two troops before a Zuul cast. My weapon selection varies but using Orpheus Lute at the moment for enchant all in case the starting board doesn’t want to give me purple (life gain and barrier also helps to keep Slayer alive). Eternal Flame is also nice - creates red and cleanses hero. I like using a yellow weapon because it doesn’t mana-block any of the other troops.
Oni’s extra-turn explosion is also very underrated - often will get a skull match afterwards to kill an enemy. Just have to be careful of entangle or stun-heavy kingdoms - I’ll switch to the Eternal Flame then.


Hey, you know that’s old news, right?

That’s why I just farm Ghulvania only :wink:

Is it worth giving up the 20% mythstone bonus though?

Absolutely. I don’t have to deal with:

  • Enemy troops that entangle my hero (Forest of Thorns, Bright Forest, Maugrim Woods, among others)
  • Enemy Doom troops (impervious so immune to fire and Zuul’s lethal) – these are in Shantang, Blighted Lands, Glacial Peaks, Suncrest, Bright Forest, and Dhrak-Zum
  • Immunity to Burning (Ghulvania only has one troop immune to burning, which you can kill with Zuul if he pops up)
  • Other annoying things that could slow me down…
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Thanks Havok and NerdieBird :partying_face::sunglasses::grin:

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