Best class weapons

I have been searching but I could not find a thread with a list of best class weapons. I have some major orbs that I would like to use to skip the 250 game play to gain. Please list some of the top class weapons. Also list ones that are not so useful.Thanks

Essence of Evil -Plaguelord

Shield Of Urskaya -Sentinel

Reflection of Good - Archmagus

Skeleton Key - Thief

Sins’ Harvest - Doomsayer

Just a few I could think of. Please do not use a major orb to unlock these.

Use a team like this. You can unlock it in about an hour/ hour and a half. Any weapon that doesn’t block Rowanne is viable. You don’t use the weapon. You cast Leprechaun, then Rowanne. Battle over. Use gaard medals on explore 2-3.

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Thanks I have 3/5 suggestion

Using major blue orbs to skip the class weapon grind is a bad idea. You will want to hang on to them to help forge power orbs, you will need 8 power orbs to forge Zuul or Enraged Kurandara. Zuul is definitely worth crafting when you have the orbs to do so.


These would be the top 5 class weapons :slight_smile: with EoE being #1.
Sins’s Harverst → “cheaper” version of 1st generation doomed weapons. Strong one. Would probably rank is as #2.
Reflection of Good → haven’t used it yet, but it might have some fans. Giving your troops every possible buff might be realy strong.
Shield of Urskaya is pretty strong in teams with Rowanne.
Skeleton Key → pretty strong with gold generating team (especialy with Cederick) - use it in every pet event to lvl some underleveled classes. Can be strong in pvp on lower levels.

Shield of Urskaya and Skeleton Key → although their respective teams are pretty strong, they are kind of mediocre outside of teams made to use their full potential. Probably EoE,RoG, SH are more versatile.

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I agree that using Major orb of ascension for skipping fights is a really bad idea.
You need to save them for the long term. Their only use should be Zuul.


I did it once just before they nerfed dragon eye, and I wanted to complete as many delve battles before the nerf came into effect.

250 games isn’t actually that hard to achieve.

Just do a load of Level 2 Explores with Princess Elspeth, Bomb Bot x 2, Hero with any Brown Weapon and any Brown++ Banner using the Class you want 250 wins for.

Elspeth zaps the Hero, probably fills one or both Bomb Bots, possibly even with an extra turn. Bang, game over.

You can knock a run of these off in a couple of minutes, rinse and repeat, and it should take you less than an hour :+1:


Seems like we don’t have too many good class weapons. That sucks.

Fire Ruby Staff and Orb of Winter are also quite good.

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Also Corsair Weapon can be usefull on gold generating team, but it’s less reliable than SK.


Fiend Fire has good uses too, like Delves.


I really enjoy Three Sisters, fully traited

Summers Wonder looks like a pizza cutter

Class Weapon Color Bonus Magic Weapon Name Kingdom Type Weapon Rank
Plaguelord Green Essence of Evil Darkstone Human A
Diabolist Purple Fiend Fire Blighted Lands Daemon A
Frostmage Blue Orb of Winter Glacial Peaks Fey A
Archmagus Purple Reflection of Good Silverglade Mystic A
Thief Brown Skeleton Key Zaejin Goblin A
Necromancer Purple Creeping Death Khetar Undead B
Deathknight Purple Crypt Keeper Ghulvania Undead B
Dervish Yellow Dancing Daggers Drifting Sands Monster B
Dragonguard Brown Dragon’s Eye Dragon’s Claw Dragon B
Shaman Green Fire Ruby Staff Wild Plains Tauros B
Corsair Blue Plunder and Peril Blackhawk Rogue B
Runepriest Brown Runeforger Khaziel Dwarf B
Knight Blue Serve and Protect Sword’s Edge Knight B
Sentinel Brown Shield of Urskaya Urskaya Urska B
Priest Yellow Staff of St. Astra Whitehelm Divine B
Slayer Red Deathdealer Dhrak-Zum Dwarf C
Mechanist Brown Dragonator 8000 Adana Mech C
Bard Yellow Orpheus’ Lute Pan’s Vale Wildfolk C
Doomsayer Purple Sins’ Harvest Sin of Maraj Daemon C
Monk Yellow Spiked Manriki Shentang Elf C
Hierophant Green Summer’s Wonder Bright Forest Fey C
Titan Blue Thorodin Stormheim Giant C
Stormcaller Yellow Thunderbird Suncrest Stryx C
Sunspear Red Flame Soul Pridelands Raksha D
Barbarian Red Orc King’s Club Grosh-Nak Orc D
Assassin Red Serpentine Dagger Mist of Scales Naga D
Orbweaver Green Spider Totem Zhul’Kari Elf D
Oracle Purple Staff of Visions Divinion Fields Centaur D
Warpriest Blue Symbol of Anu Leonis Empire Human D
Tidecaller Blue Three Sisters Merlantis Merfolk D
Warlord Red Warlord’s Battlecry Broken Spire Giant D
Sorcerer Purple Daemonomicon Karakoth Daemon F
Archer Green Dragon Oak Forest of Thorns Elf F
Warden Brown Warden’s Gauntlets Maugrim Woods Beast F

Pretty good list, though I would have given Shield of Urskaya an A instead of a B. Great weapon to use in Explore 12, Delves or Tower of Doom, particularly if using a troop whose spell is boosted by armor, such as Gaard’s Avatar, Rowanne or Tesla.


I remember when Dragon’s Eye would have been near the top of this list before the nerf. So sad.

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I remember Dragon’s Eye back in the day. Devs had no problem with it in b1 GW. It wasn’t until the Delves came out that a nerf was approved.

Devs don’t nerf anything unless it gets abused in Delves. Or Gold Farming. RIP Skeleton Key. Maybe not RiP, my alts still use it exclusively. But it still got the nerf treatment.

I find Sin’s Harvest quite useful on Purple Day for my level 400 alt. He doesn’t have time to farm 60k souls for all the old Doomskull weapons, nor does he have enough forge scrolls to get them to 10, so he doesn’t miss the “Drain 2 mana from all Purple Enemies” that Doom Scythe would provide.

EoE drops to a C now

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