Best cards to upgrade to Mythic AND fully trait first

As the title says, what are the top 10 cards to evolve to Mythic AND fully trait first?

Simple Answer: Any cards you like to use…

More Advanced answer: Ascend them to Mythic as you get enough cards, because it doesn’t hurt to ascend them even if you cant afford to level them.

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Sorry, I edited my post. What are the top 10 best cards to evolve to Mythic AND fully trait first?

I don’t know about the very top ones, but I think all of the following would be in the conversation (in no particular order)

Gard’s Avatar
Queen Mab
Emperor Khorvash
Bone Dragon

Others to consider:

The Great Maw
The Dragon Soul

I’m just curious what people suggest on here because I came across a Reddit post the other week that suggested these:

Dust Devil / Wolf Knight
Scale guard
Spirt Fox / Star Gazer / Siren
Mist Stalker
Winter Wolf
Knight Coronet
Golem / Rock Worm / Ghoul

Mainly because some of those have Empower for their 3rd trait that starts them off with full mana…

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Most of that list is geared towards new players. The only troops in that list that any end game players would think about using, in my view (obviously there will be exceptions) are: Spirit Fox, Star Gazer, Knight Coronet, and Goblin.

Druid - good for early/mid game
Dust Devil - a team of empowered dust devils will do some good damage at low levels, but 5 damage is not useful once you reach mid game.
Wolf Knight - Meh, I’ve never made use of this troop
Spirt Fox - Good troop for defense teams, even in end game
Star Gazer - Also a good troop potentially for end game players for defense. Usually used solely for denying blue mana
Siren - Meh, early/mid game only at best
Mist Stalker - see above
Winter Wolf - see above
Knight Coronet - Now this one is a good troop. Good spell, good traits, potentially usable in end game, but used much more in the mid game in my experience
Goblin - Good troop at all stages of the game, but most late game players don’t play with their goblin teams anymore, in my experience
Golem - Meh. Early game only
Rock Worm - My very first team was a Rock Worm looping team, but that was when there were far less troops available. Honestly there are better early game options. I would say this troop is relegated only for using khaziel troops as part of that task at this point
Ghoul - Never really made use of this troop

I think that’s a decent list. One thing to bear in mind is that the less rare troops have less severe traitstone requirements and traitstones are a huge bottleneck (always, and especially at low levels).

Pound for pound, I think Knight Coronet is one of the best in the game and all 3 of his traits make him better. The all or mostly Rock Worm teams are also super effective early on and the 2nd and especially 3rd trait are very useful. Goblin teams are also extremely effective for a long time and they honestly don’t need the traits though some are definitely useful (Hobgoblin, Boar Rider, and Goblin Rocket all have useful ones). I used Rock Worms, then Goblins, then Coronet until I hit end game.

It also really depends on your collection and what kind of teams you like playing. There are a lot of viable teams though usually 2-3 that most people use as they hit the various stages of play.

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I’m level 85 and have a handful of legendaries and am in a Guild that is ranked 112 so I have a constant flow of keys coming in.

What cards would you recommend for me to fully trait first?

Funny how we’re discussing best troops to trait. I had no idea this topic had been started when I randomly listed over here some good starter troops for @DragonDai to consider.

I agree that Knight Coronet has been one of my all-time favourite troops for early mid-game. He’s awesome. :slight_smile:

@VegaDark541 So why you no like Mist Stalker? His colors fit in well enough with a True Damage team. Often color synergy ends up being more important than desirable traits, I’d say.

I’ve never once had an opponent’s defend team with a Mist Stalker in it give me any trouble whatsoever. Perhaps it’s an early game troop though.

The best troops to ascend to mythic is whatever you will have 4 of after ascending. You can’t target specific troops so you’ll just have to wait until you have enough.

Emperor Khorvash. One of the strongest troops in the entire game and plus 3 to all skills if in first slot just makes him even stronger. Stoneskin makes him a pretty good tank. Stunning an enemy on 4-5 gem matches is pretty useless early game but later on it can make fighting Queen Mab, Slyvanimora and everything else with annoying traits a lot less frustrating.

Goblin. Double damage to humans means Knight Coronet doesn’t even have stonekin anymore. Nature link and a plus 2 green banner Goblin can be up in one turn even without a surge

Gorgotha. A must when facing skull spam teams depending on you level he can survive a Bone Dragon cast without even losing all his armor and if he dies he has the chance to summon another tank.

Knight Coronet. With stoneskin you don’t have to worry too much about skulls he is really strong early on and can even be used later. Being an ultra rare he is pretty cheap easy to trait

Kraken. With 3 damage to all enemies with enough extra turns he can make your battles a lot quicker.

Queen Mab. Using her with a Justice you can destroy just about any team.

Sylvanimora. Perfect for skull spam teams. Makes Bone Dragon completely useless.

The Dragon Soul. 25% chance to revive not much to say about that.

Valkyrie. Extra mana on every match. Mana shield make Queen Mab useless against her.

Wraith. Has a chance to kill anything in first slot with just one skull match. Frozen is also good in skull spam teams if you miss the ai can’t take a dozen extra turns on the skulls.

Behemoth. Can’t be devoured or death marked also Queen Mab is completely useless against him she can’t freeze or mana burn him and that can’t be stunned.

Krystenax. Stoneskin and not blocking Dragon Soul make her the perfect first slot for an all dragon team. Also gaining enchant on purple gem matches means she gets 2 mana every turn for just getting Dragon Soul mana. With enchant and Dragon Souls explosion you don’t even need to get any mana for her.







My advice to you would to level and build a soul farming team that is viable in PvP. Usually this means using Valkyrie with a combination of either Emperor Khorvash, Queen Mab and/or Crimson Bat. Once the team is fully levelled you can look at traits. Examples (all with Lion Banner):
War goat/valk/justice/Mab
Knight Coronet/Valkyrie/Knight Coronet/Paladin

Of all those troops, Valkyrie’s water link is the most essential. Once you get a good soul farming team you won’t need to worry so much about levelling troops as you’ll have a lot more souls to spend.


Currently working on Gar’Nok :stuck_out_tongue:

Rowanne? Surely she’s in there?

Level Rowanne. Use Rowanne. But don’t trait Rowanne. Her traits are terrible (and their animations going off extend the match by an extra full second, which is significant when you are farming) and use Swamp arcanes, which are much better suited for basically anything else.