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Best and Worst Mythics to Elite upgrade

Unlike some of the powerhouse Legendary troops, most Mythics don’t really benefit from their upgrades. In fact, some could argue that none of the Mythics really need to be upgraded.

At some point, some people are going to have some spare Nysha medals. (Imagine trying to create incentives to play PvP by giving more stuff instead of fixing the problem of the extreme shortage of higher rarity tokens that causes a lifetime of Exploring to be necessary to get anywhere). Extra medals should probably be used…

These are the worst 5 Mythics to upgrade:

1, Zuul’Goth: 4 attack, 4 magic. It gains no value from the magic, and is rarely in first slot. A truly worthless upgrade. Even if someone finds value in +4 attack, that’s still only 80% value of one skull match.

2, Yasmine’s Chosen: 6 magic. +6 scatter damage for 6 Nysha medals. That value is so lol. There are troops that have less damage gain, but at least that damage is focused on one target. Yes, this somehow has less value than Sacred Treasure in my eyes

3, Sacred Treasure: 4 armor, 4 attack, 4 magic. If the troop is upgradeable, then I count it. Its a pointless troop, so upgrading it is pointless.

4, Queen of Sin: 6 attack, 6 armor, 6 life. It needs damage help, but got everything else instead. It won’t ever be in a position to use skulls for attacking, so you’re really only getting 6 armor and 6 life for 6 Nysha Medals. Just ouch. There’s not much value in Queen of Sin living longer compared to other Warmaster role Mythics.

5, Gargantaur: 4 attack, 4 magic. 4 damage value. Big swing and a miss here. It really needed the Defender role. This is half of a 3rd trait trigger.

Dishonorable mentions: Most Warmaster role mythics: Undine (Bottom 5 contender), Vash’Dagon, The Wild Queen (6 Life/6 Armor for 6 Medals is overcosted. 6 attack is useless here)

These are the best 4 Mythics to upgrade:

1, Phoenicia: 6 magic. 24 damage value. 48 damage value when combined with its double damage condition. No other Mythic gets remotely close to that value in magic/damage/upgrades. Is there enough of a reason to use Phoenicia though?

2, High King Irongut: 4 attack, 4 magic. 4 damage value, but the damage is meaningless. 4 attack means 4% more chance to devour which can be considered a unique buff. One day, Gems of War may get to the point where HKI will have a 100% devour rate (outside of Potion of Power and other setups) and this helps.

3, Draakulis: 6 magic. 24 damage value, true damage. 24 life gained from its damage. A high damage Draakulis can be a pain to deal without good answers. Does anyone actually use Draakulis though?

4, Ketras the Bull gains up to 16 potential damage value and extra durability to live. The beefy bull gets even stronger.

Honorable mentions:

I actually can’t pick a 5th best. I can only name some interesting Mythics to consider.

Most Mage role troops gain high value, like Elemaugrim looping, Worldbreaker looping, Euryali true damage. (I only count Gaard’s Avatar’s upgrade as average due to Magic/2)

Infernus (somehow a mage), Aquaticus, and TINA-9000 gain good value from using multi hit spells, though I don’t count Obsidius since there’s only a 50% chance of the light splash.

Umenath and Ubastet also gets a mention since even though their upgrades aren’t great on paper, it helps the troop’s main purpose (Umenath - pushing it closer to a OHKO troop, Ubastet - securing a free second kill)

If there’s any other Mythics that are good/bad, post them here. Curious to see what others think.


You sum up the problem with the medal system very presicely…it’s ridicouls the way it is now. For most players the insentive to go beyond 3 Nysha medals are none existing.

However, I want promote Euryali to the list of “best mythic to upgrade”. :smiley:


Great post. It definitely shows up the uselessness of the troop classification system, as the mythics really could have used some more thought individually to make the medals more worthwhile rather than just being assigned arbitrary roles based on how a dev thinks they should be used.

Unfortunately, it’s all academic as the fact remains that unless the game gives us an easier way to obtain Nysha tokens I won’t be upgrading any mythics for a long time


I’ve not even been able to get 1 Nysha medal yet…
And considering I have to actively force myself to play explore (because it’s just so boring to play (cedric, cedric, egg thief, skeleton key requires no thought at all and is just mind numbing) and only gives 1 hero class XP per match) I doubt I’ll ever medal a single mythic…


Thanks for the post.

The system is extremely poor, and as has been pointed out, probably counter productive to use up Nysha medals due to their scarcity.

I just got 3 Nysha medals, I don’t know how long that is since they came into play, but no doubt it will be dispiriting.

If they made your first 3 Nysha permanent, maybe etched into hero in some way, that might be a start.


It’s not just a mythic problem…too few troops get any real benefit from elite levels. There is so much overkill in this game, a few health is irrelevant for too many troops

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Medals seem targeted at midgamers, not endgamers. As you explore for all the arcane traitstones you need, you will build up the medals to improve your most-used troops. At this stage of the game, you’re getting maybe +1 or +2 stats from your kingdoms, and possibly using troops that are below level 20, so the stats from getting to Gold are a much bigger deal. At the late or end game, you’re using mostly legendary/mythic troops, and your kingdoms are giving you many more points of stats.

Of course upgrading the troops with the highest base stats, at the stage of the game where you’re doubling (or more) those stats with kingdom/guild bonuses, will be less impressive. By endgame, it’s more about finding an extra bit of juice than it is about totally transforming a troop.


3 nysha medals? I can barely see what one looks like (it’s grayed out) and I am yet to procure even a 1st nysha badge. Grinding this horror show has zero incentive as @Tydda pointed out. Upgrades are crass and the monotony of using cedric teams is mind numbingly tedious. This game has no concept of fresh and invigorating content. The MO is to A) chain you to your console, B) demoralise you and C) somehow expect you to spend money. A and B will never encourage C unless I develop severe dementia.


When elite levels came out, I looked at this extensively - the detailed OP gave me reason to revisit it.

I think Idle hit all the important points. I would exclude Draakulis from the top 5, that troop is completely obsolete in view of Crimson Bat (who also is a mage).

Agree with Tydda that Euryali probably belongs on the list, getting a +6 to true damage is above average compared to the other mages. Mother of Darkness is worth mentioning in the HMs for similar reasons (+4 boost).

Phoenicia is very viable nowadays, with the release of Finesse. She’s now sitting in the upper echelon of Mythics IMO.

Megavore arguably belongs up there, since his spell scales to double his magic stat. The fact that his magic only effects a single target is noteworthy I guess. But if you pair him with Dervish class, it won’t take much for him to be one-shotting troops with his spell.

But yeah, generally agree with the conclusion that the elite upgrades generally are not worth the cost for Mythics.

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Euryali, mage, +6 True Damage AoE
Draakulis, mage, steals life -> +6 True Damage AoE + 6 life gained per target hit (up to 4 targets)
Crimson Bat, mage, +6 True Damage AoE, flat 16 life gain.

Example: My Draakulis would cast for 37 true damage after being fully medal upgraded. It would gain 148 life. (24 life from medal upgrades).

Comparison: My Euryali would cast for 37 true damage AoE after being fully medal upgraded, but has 3x boost ratio (so at least 3 from itself) but no life gain. Crimson Bat would cast for 38 true damage AoE, but only gain 16 life.

I can’t really say Euryali (or Crimson Bat) gets a better value than Draakulis, even if those other troops may see more play. (I’d rather have Draakulis over Crimson Bat personally)


I’m not saying those two troops get better value out of elite levels than Draakulis; I’m saying Draakulis should be omitted from the rankings because you wouldn’t ever advise someone to spend the medals to level him up.

Yeah, in a vacuum, getting 6 life/enemy in addition to the 6 true damage means Draakulis technically gets more value out of elite medals. But does that extra life stealing change anything about Draakulis being a mostly useless late game troop? I don’t think the life gain makes Draakulis a viable front slot troop, and on the back line he costs 5 more mana to do basically the same damage as Crimson Bat. Throw in the fact that Crimson Bat is dual-typed as a monster (and therefore has 2 ways to boost his magic), and I don’t see much of a role for Draakulis (unless you want to pair him with Tesla or something).

I’ve been working on clearing as many Delves as possible with Irongut for this reason. I’m worried he’s eventually going to get a nerf as the stats keep increasing, and right now he’s a very reliable delve devourer with the horde bonuses.

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How about arachnean weaver? Would get +1 attack, +3 armor, +7 life and +3 magic, pretty decent upgrade for an already strong mythic :thinking:

I definitely think its a decent upgrade, but not a major difference. It makes a strong troop stronger, but it doesn’t raise its power level by a significant amount.

1 atk is useless
3 mag, 6 damage value is fine
7 life + 3 armor is also fine.

If medals were more common, I’d definitely encourage it, but for the current rarity of medals, its a second tier amount of value. If someone has their heart set on it, they should check their battles to see if they really need the 3 extra true damage to reach the breakpoint of getting a kill. At the end of the day, people can upgrade whatever they want though.


I was also thinking Queen of Sin probably shouldn’t be in the bottom 5 mythics to upgrade. She does have comeback ability with her summon and her magic gains via the arcane trait, so I think the extra durability helps her more than the other warmaster mythics (Undine in particular).

@TheIdleOne would you be interested in updating the OP to include any new mythics since?

i actually reference this quite a bit to help explain the issue of mythic upgrades to people

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Zuul, that extra Magic he gets is OP…


I do like Mistralus when it comes to upgrading. I’ll look into updating it soonish.

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