Be done with Deathmark already

Please nerf it to the ground, destroy it, make every troop that has DM in any form absolutely unusable, whatever stops this outrage over something that is never an actual threat to winning games.
Whatever it takes to have that behind us so we can focus on really overpowered idiotic stuff again that actually needs fixing.

Disclaimer: This post was in no way rage-fueled by my 192635th battle against a double Famine team that allowed me virtually no manasurges, filled up much faster than any of my shitty 3rd world manadrainers in their desperate attempt to win the Drain Wars to actually make me lose my first GW battle.



It was. It totally was.

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Screenshot this conversation from my guild chat today.
I think it addresses the DK issue fairly well.

In another word, just learn to play smarter, man.
Be a winner, not a whiner!


These kind of post just really pee me off. There’s far worse things in the game than deathmark.


They have already said it will get a small nerf with the next client update (no instakill at casting).

Admittedly my OP was not carefully and calmly crafted and therefore might easily be misunderstood, but it is not actually directed at Deathmark.

Also @Vangor thanks for the hug, it was needed indeed :slight_smile:


Problem isn’t really DM in itself to me, it’s much more the fact that it comes from killing a troop.
Against Death or Wraith for instance, I don’t have much problems and playing smart should be enough to counter it every time.
Yet GW matches can be really hard against top guilds and managing to stun the opponent’s hero while gaining the upper hand isn’t always possible. Moreover, you need a bit of luck not to kill the hero on unlucky skull cascades.
That’s why getting three troops wiped out in a single turn whereas you were crushing the opponent until then isn’t right. GW should be based on skill and knowledge, not on pure RNG or luck.


Guys, this is about Famine.

                                   - Mr Obvious

@Sirrian, can we pls give the man a Famine or two?

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:thinking: hmmm… :confused: sympathize or poke the bear :thinking: sympathize or poke the bear :confused:




@KrudlerTheHorse poke the bear! Might be fun😈

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The bear has calmed down and lurked back into his cosy cave since he made this OP so feel free to poke at your pleasure :stuck_out_tongue:

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Followed by…


I usually don’t “lol” as a reply but man alive did I laugh heartily at that. Not expected! :laughing:


Yeah I’d be really surprised if Famine doesn’t get a nerf after (or at the same time as) Deathmark. DM is obviously broken (well obvious to most) and the upcoming nerf should remedy that. Famine on the other hand is better than the next 3 best cards combined. Which is great if you’re using him but sucks if you’re fighting him…and especially sucks for those of us without him. tiny violin


Famine isn’t invincible; just rush him down.

Never said he was invincible, just that he was the most overpowered card in the game.


The only real issue I have is that killing off a troop death marked my troops (ALL OF THEM) and two blew up before their turn was done. Again, can’t re-act to that. 2 didn’t because they had impervious on them.

I brought this up months ago with the Undead Event, where Revenant would hit and immediately my troop blew up. Poof. And the arrow wasn’t even on my side of the board. IT still was on the opponent side.

Supposedly Death Knight is just as bad.

Please - rethink how Deathmark works.

The devs already announced they are changing death mark to have a 1 turn grace period.