Battle Crashers DO NOT alter the drop rate of gnomes... Still stay woke though! 😀

Sunbird fire bomb explore team would make explore go faster

I completely agree man I usually play explore too for gnomes but you know, there are also a lot of people who don’t like it because is super boring, so they like pvp more. Also pvp gives ingots and trophies which are important if your guild cares about them.
But yeah, just another “random stealth” nerf that nobody asked. Hopefully it’s just a one time thing.

Defo not, i was using this ages ago and even happened tht after exploding both bombs bird wasnt full lol, also, unless you’re lucky and get a cascade with 4match you pass turn to ai that, even if not dangerous, will more likely waste time on multiple extra turns.

Oh, forgot to add that sunbird also do lot less damage than a doomweapon, there’s lot more that will survive the cast (pretty much all legs and up wont die with 1 sunbird cast).

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My explore team is Forest Guardian, Sunbird, Fire Bomb, Imperial Jewel. Half-mana start due to FG third trait. I don’t have any doomed weapons so this explore team works for me.

well then ofc yes, as i said i used that or even others too before (like hero with MC, x2 bombots and elspeth).

But dooms are really too good, oh, before i forgot about my most hated troop x explore, Undine with his lame immunity to “damage all”, dooms take care of him too with the skulls.

Ps: to be fair i avoided to talk about the 1/1000 chance that can still happen, happened once to me x now, after you cast doom a enemy survive the damage/extras, skulls dont even make a 3 match then the ai clear the whole board from skulls and kill your hero haha :3, ok easily avoidable by looking at what you’re doing but we’re talking about mindless spamming after all hehe.

To clarify - Battlecrashers do not affect the spawn rate of Gnomes. If a Gnome would spawn, a Battlecrasher will not take its place.


I’m sure that’s how it’s intended. I’m planning on trying to get physical proof to show otherwise this weekend. I hope I’m wrong. But right now I do realize I have confirmation bias. Gnomes seem to be less apparent during battle crasher events. I just don’t have any proof of it yet.
The drop rate for gnomes should still be 1:15 during Vault weekends. I understand it can be streaky and go 60 matches without seeing 1 just to get 4 in a row right after. But between Friday-Sunday it should be about 1:15… So 1:20 or lower drop rate would indicate that the battle crasher and gnomes aren’t working as intended. Right?

@Fleg keeps track of his battles and gnome catching. So he’d know.

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He’s the one with a crazy amount of Vault keys right? If so, I would love to here his thoughts about it. Yeah. Save me the trouble of it.

I stopped keeping track when they inexplicably removed the win count for classes. I don’t know of any way to keep track of # of games played now. No more farming the vault events for 60 hrs in a weekend for me anyway, I’m trying to play this game as little as possible lately but fwiw I think I see just as many gnomes in explore today as any other vault event. :man_shrugging:

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Pretty sure the average gnome appearance is 1:11. That’s from about 50,000 battles worth of data. The VK droprate was also about 1:11 iirc so I was getting a VK roughly about every 125 battles or so.


I played around 160/170 matches today (out of which 40/45 were ranked pvp) and only got 4 gnomes in total.
Not the best spawn rate, though I usually have really bad luck at the beginning of the gnome event, and tends to get better on Sat/Sun.
Of course no other rewards but gold and souls

It’s early, but 34 ranked PvP matches since reset before I saw my first gnome. Saw at least 5 battle Crashers during that time.

Dude, switch to explore. Once a month for 1 weekend only give pvp a break for 3X more battles and rewards.

Nah, I’d rather get the trophies for the guild. Usually I’d do cPvP this week. But just wasn’t feeling it this week. I can do cPvP just as fast as Explore but get more gold and Trophies that way.

In the grand scheme of things what does a few hundred trophys matter? Also easy teams in cpvp got ninja nerfed last week and is not viable anymore.

I did cPvP all day Monday and didn’t have an issue. I think it changes depending on the week. 🤷
I don’t need anything in the game besides gold and Trophies.

Last week I had to refresh about 30 times to find each easy team (less than 3k power). Used to be only once or twice.

I don’t know man. 🤷
I’ll check it out again this Monday.
Meanwhile, 40 battles before a gnome this time.
2:74 currently or 1:32…(decent when it’s not a Vault weekend)

Got the next one within 2 matches.
21 matches.
15 matches.
1 match.
1 match.
2 matches.
3 matches.
1 match.
40 matches.
11 matches.
8 matches.
END OF Battle Crasher event.
After BC event:
16 matches.
9 matches.
13 matches.
5 matches.
10 matches.
10 matches.

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