Base Guild Wars rewards on total score independent of bracket placement

Use brackets to determine what guilds you are matched against for the week, but make the weekly rewards dependent on a guild’s total score.

People then might complain less about bracket placement. In fact, they might start to complain if they don’t drop a bracket.

I dunno. There are other concerns too. Such as the difficulty of the guilds in the brackets.
For example, my guild can absolutely wipe the floor in Bracket 6, racking up some insane points.
But when we move to Bracket 4, we’re pretty much at the bottom of the bracket ranking.
So according to your suggestion, you’d get much better reward for winning against easier guilds than beating harder guilds in the higher Bracket, which doesn’t seem that fair either.


But it can be easier to get a higher score in a lower bracket. Shouldn’t the difficulty of the competition also matter?


It’s not the rewards that people are complaining about. It’s the incomprehensible demotion and promotion to brackets that’s the issue. The fact that there are a number of unknown factors incorporated in the calculation which guild is promoted is destroying a lot of peoples enjoyment of GW.

This can be easily solved by just using only the GW points to determine the promotions and demothios actually. The more points you score, the bigger the chance for promotion to a higher bracket (which leads to better rewards). Which essentially means there is zero incentive not to play to the best of your abilities, so there is no incentive to exploit the system and get demoted a bracket to get easier matches.

The only thing that you might want to include is that to be promoted to a higher bracket you’d need to get a fixed percentage more points than the guild you’re going to replace in the higher bracket (to “correct” for the easier matches that you might see in lower brackets).

It’s not that difficult a problem to solve actually. The biggest issue is that there should be total clarity in the rules of a competition, which there currently is not, and that’s what is frustrating a lot of people at the moment.


I understand the first and second weeks movement on PC was usual and suspect.

But it can not be as simple as raw GW points.

  1. A Guild in a lower bracket could clean up boosting themselves far more than the should.
  2. Guilds within the same bracket are NOT equal. With some RNG luck a Guild could get assigned all of the easier opponents giving them more points, that the #1 team facing all the very difficult teams in that same bracket. (please examine the hot 1T Defense thread for a similar postings of Reward vs Effort)

Perhaps if the developers offered a little more clarity in the formula that would help.


Don’t you think a feature request that makes people want to perform badly is possibly a Bad Idea?

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Actually it can be as simple as raw GW points. Just add a score modifier for each bracket. For example: The lowest bracket (let’s say #200) gets 100% of their total GW points, the next one (#199) gets 110% of their total GW points, the one above that (#198) gets 120%, and that continues up to bracket #1. This would compensate for the easier opposition in lower brackets. And if you score 10% more than the lowest guild in the bracket above you, you could move up a bracket for next week.

Agreed. That’s something that can’t be avoided unless the brackets are adjusted to 7 guilds per bracket. But even with 10 guilds in each bracket this should not be a major issue. So you might have an easier opposition schedule one week and a more difficult one the next week.

I wouldn’t wait for that if I were you. They have consistently refused to answer that the past 5 weeks, using the excuse that the formula might be exploited if we knew about it. Which would be a rather stupid formula then, considering the example I listed above essentially means that if you play to get the best possible results you get the best possible rewards. It is really that simple. But for some reason the devs have made it complicated and exploitable… :frowning:


I suppose no one else remembers when Guild Wars were first announced and there were no brackets and people whined until this happened while I sat back and said “this is a bad idea”, huh?

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I don’t want to put words into everyones complaints on this forum… But don’t think the problem is the brackets themselves but the secret algorithm as currently implemented that sometimes makes questionable promotions/demotions to Guilds changing Brackets.


Nope, don’t remember it and couldn’t find it when I searched (maybe provide a link? :wink: ). And brackets are not necessarily bad idea or the core problem, the issue is the counter-intuitive way that they’re working, and the lack of transparency on how to compete. I also remember when this bracketing system was presented, many of those who petitioned for it (myself included) were surprised at how it was done.


yeah :unamused:
cant believe they are holding on to it