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Bartolos busca miembros!

Varias semanas ganando en guerras, 40k sellos, tareas legendarias… Buscamos miembros activos. Mínimo 1500 sellos semanales y reinos a nivel 10.

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Si se apuntase alguien… pero la gente pasa XD

A ver si hay suerte!

Vamos q empiezan guerras!

i got kicked out from your guild for absolutely no reason given and then was blocked by you guys. i fulfilled all your requirements weekly, seals, gold, trophies everything, exceeding whatever minimum that you set. i took part in wars, fully. Few days before i was kicked, someone in your guild keep mentioning “para 4” with my name there because i was busy during that week from monday to wednesday hence i only joined war after wednesday, but i completed all war opponents until sunday, with pretty decent win rate too, a lot of 4/1, never got anything below 3/2. Yet i got kicked out on sunday before the week reset, despite knowing i did my part, and that week i donated more than 1mil gold, with thousands trophies and 2000 full seals. i know you guys emphasized a lot on wars, so i did my part too. yup i cannot speak spanish so there is a communication gap there, but mind you, i was in your guild for so many months! not even any reason given and then was blocked!!

well… just saying, if new members wanna join your guild, better be able to speak spanish, and join wars the very first hour/day the war week starts

so be it. that’s very horrible guild management there

Hi Rabbit,
Sorry to hear that, I’ve talked with the other guild members and we want to apologize. Also we didn’t wanna block you, I think it’s automatic once you kick someone.
There was no particular reason to kick you, I think there was a clean up and maybe your numbers at that moment wasn’t the best, but it’s obvious we didn’t consider what you did in the past.
Anyways, if you want to re-join just send me your invitation code and we’ll welcome you!
Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.
Have a good one!

yeah my numbers that week definitely not the best but at least still better than bottom 10 i believed. well, its okay thanks for your reply sergii, although i cannot speak Spanish, but i do liked your guild a lot hence i stayed for many months there. i was just shocked when someone repeated called out “para 4” with my name then i suddenly got kicked and blocked, despite i knew i did well that guild war week, although i started whacking only after wednesday (because real life kicked in), but i still completed all till sunday. never mind, lets move on, i have joined somewhere else. all the best to you guys!