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Barrier is not working properly

Hello. I started explore 12 today and the enemies just hit right through my barriers. I play on Switch and it makes high difficulty contents unplayable coz barrier simply doesn’t work. I paid a lot of money in the game and I hope that the bug will be fix because right now it’s impossible for me. Thank you.

there is currently a bug where enemy deals double skull damage, or skull damage twice that will be looked into next week.

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Thanks for quick reply Eika! I am fairly new to
the game and it’s been such a great experience so far. I will take a break and wait for the skull damage bug to be fixed.

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Welcome. Has the gnome band not arrived to your platform yet?

Gnome band is on Switch already. It’s a great event.

Yeah, been a joy!

Try reducing the speed multiplier from x4 to x3

This has worked for some people, but it does seem to be dependent on the device you use.

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Barrier works at 2x speed on switch but the game feels like slow motion at that speed… Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon.

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It will still happens on 3x, more rare but still possible at 2x.
Barrier is useless, use Entangled. Archer class can be helpful but in the end avoid any hard battle.