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Bard's third trait graphic animation

The animation when Bard’s third trait triggers is very bright on the eyes and it occurs at the start of every turn. It gets extremely uncomfortable after awhile and the discomforts builds up very fast. It also blocks the entire troop lineup from view.

Is it possible to turn the brightness down or have an option to turn off the animation?



I’d love an option to turn off the animation for all traits


I think it is annoying that when I have a trait activate I can’t see my troops for a while. Why is it so big and bright?


i don’t have seizure so i don’t know anything about that but some games with flashy lights i played come with warning about seizure and they didn’t flash as much as this. maybe we could tone it down. plus it really block the graphic. it takes time to clear before i can see my troop’s status. it makes me dizzy when play in the dark.