Bard´s Inspiration is not doing what it should (Not a bug)

Bard´s Inspiration gives sometimes Bonus on all Troops, as it should, but sometimes it only gives Bonus to my Hero. Sometimes it helps to restart the Game, sometimes not… Could pls someone fix this?

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Not all troops, only yellow troops.

Are you 100% sure it does not work? It only works for yellow troops, and traits wont be triggered if your Hero is stunned.

@UKresistance is correct. :slight_smile:

Also, please checked if you are stunned as @Eika mentioned.

Bard only give +1 to all stats for Yellow troops.
Scorpius give +1 to all stats for Brown troops.
Champion of Anu gives +1 to all stats for Blue troops.
If any of these get stunned by, say E Khovas, then they will not triggered.
There all no +1 to all stats for Red, Purple, or Green troops yet.

I know NEW Mythic time:
The Rainbow
Colors: Purple, Red, and Green.
1st trait gives +1 to all stats for Purple troops.
2nd trait gives +1 to all stats for Red troops.
3rd trait gives +1 to all stats for Green troops.
What do you think???
Spell: Blackout When cast will eliminate one mana color for each enemy for remember of the battle. Mana cost: 32
So, a 3 mana troop will go down to 2
a 2 mana troop will go down to 1
a 1 mana troop will go Blackout.
This amounts to eliminate 1 mana source for each troop. Can be multiple cast.
When a troop is blackout, then the troop cannot gain mana and cannot cast its spell at all for the rest of the battle.
A great solution for goblins, Mythics, etc.

Interesting. Bind, gag and blindfold the enemy, then beat him to death with a big stick. How . . . primeval.

Bard’s inspiration only works on yellow troops and if your not stunned

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Thx… I just did not notice that, cause my Main Troops have all a bit of yellow… :slight_smile:

No problem glad to be of help

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