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Bard.....is this even a class anymore?

There is no skill tree for Bard and the current list is non-sense. Sems like it got skipped over. None of the skills make any sense to the Bard build. The tree’s are for knight, sorcerer. and summoner. There is not even wildfolk knights. Beside’s that anomaly, all looks great.

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Bard isn’t too bad.
1: 1 / 3
5: 2
10: 2
20: 2 / or 3 with King’s 50%
40: 3
70: 2 / 3
100: 2, but not useful.

It is still really good for various 3x and 4x yellow teams. The only problem at the moment is priest class tends to be better with most yellow teams than bard now.

Biggest thing bard would still be useful for is 4x yellow GW days.


Bard actually got one of the best sets of talents for gameplay, which is great as it was previously a bit poor, what with that third trait… oh… hang on…

I agree the talent set has nothing to do with being a Bard. Or from Pan’s Vale. This update mostly ditched the heroes having any theme or identity. Likely because the generic build is way more time-efficient than doing it with detailed individual thought. I just wish the update had come three months later and been done properly…


Priest class is useful for divine-only builds, to get the truly broken make-24-gems for only 7 mana spell.

Bard class is still better for more varied uses of Dawnbringer and otherwise powering standard Gorgotha / Infernus builds.

Shame this update also missed the chance to buff the other crappier classes into any semblance of balance / comparability… sorcerer third trait anyone?


Bard is probably one of the better Invasion classes now, 50% start and 20% spell reduction for surviving the pesky towers.

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Hard to resist Titan in raids/invasions though with enrage and barrier and fortitude.

Archer still gets the nod from me for Raid. I find the Titan to be a win more class in this situation. If I’m winning, then I’ll win in style. If the board sucks and I’m losing, its not going to help.

Repeatable barrier is nice, but it doesn’t help if the board cascade skulls. Bloodthirsty is nice, but Mang doesn’t need the extra damage and there usually isn’t need to hit through excessive skull reduction. Reflect Armor is a pain, but it doesn’t happen every week in Raid. Fortitude is also very nice, but isn’t always useful depending on which Zuul’Goth/minion set you face.

The entangle at the start of the match is great when the board starts and there’s 2+ 3 skull match already on the table. Instant death isn’t fun. After that, if the board starts cascading funny, 30% dodge gives you a chance to survive multiple skull matches. I’ve seen good work from 20%, so the 30% should do wonders.

Zuul’Goth still intaskills through barrier (and dodge).

I’ll give credit to the barrier though in the late 400s when spells can start one shotting. Then it could be good to have repeatable barriers. But not many people usually reach that point each week.

Titan is probably the top choice for Invasion, but there’s enough Towers that are decent enough at popping barriers that I won’t hesitate to sub it out when there’s decent yellow troops in the troop selection that’d benefit from 50% mana start Bard.

My favourite class, Assassin, got some very cool tricks. Hunters Mark and steal life on +4 matches and 30% dodge chance is awesome for a troop that you run in first position. Just waiting to unlock that extra 7% instant kill :grimacing::+1:t2:

Though agree that most of the other classes appear to be poorly thought out. I’ll state this again, that I do not understand why they push us to use troops from the same kingdom/type (through pets and the new grindfests) yet the majority of these classes do not in anyway have any synergy with troops from that classes kingdom.

Take Knight class for example, a poor class previously is still just as poor with zero talents that help it or allies from swords edge or knights. Bizarre… :roll_eyes:


So, Farther along now, I have found that a bard with an orpheus lute and any combination of other yellow Mana using troops is epic. For instance.
All traits are maxed but not all mythic yet.
Orpheus Lute +10 Bard
All yellow troops stats go up one every round.
Every spell cast is a barrier
Builds Hp fast
Enchants the group

Usually by her third to fourth turn your whole team has all positive effects and the enemy has all the negatives and she AE’s and she has a trait that makes yellow matches explode a yellow gem.

King Silenus Mythic with one medal
Does damage based on Wildfolk in group, It splashes up and down and lights everyone on fire.
Also he has a trait that starts all Wildfolk at 50% Mana at battle start.

Satyr Musician
He silences the first two enemies and does flat damage to both equally and steals two Mana from each one.
He has the Air Spirit trait makes his spell do a ton of dmg.

The combination is ruthless and executes quickly, I think the game underrates this team by at least 1000. I can usually beat 12,000 - 15,000 teams in pvp and the team rating is 8,857. I feel like it fails to factor the team start one gem match each away from casting there spell right off the bat and the effects of the Holy Banner with the orpheus lute. And how quickly the team starts rolling with a spell every other gem match.

An added piece of information, I found that this group with the Storm Caller class with the trait Storm Soul it conjures a light storm at the start of each turn. With the healing and the barrier of the lute, That the lute welder becomes virtually invincible.

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Why the F are you answered in a 2 year old dead topic?

Did you know there is a search feature? When you want to discuss something and people already are/have its usually good practice to discuss it there.

Profound idea, I know.


Personally love a good necro’ing of a thread. Bravo :clap:


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If you were not such an arrogant jack wagon you would realize I am the one who created this post. Idiot.

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I like bard. Top 5 class in my book