Banner Identification Help

How do you know which banner is which? I can’t find where they are listed anywhere. I need to win one using Ghulvania. Thanks!

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You’re looking for the deep purple-blue flag with a bat on it.

Here’s a map that should help somewhat:
(Though the flags are slightly obscured with the bonus they give.)


Thank you so much! This is awesome!

I was struggling to figure out whose’ banner was whose as well. I’m surprised it’s not listed on the cards or kingdom information tbh.

I was thinking the same thing…

When 1.0.6 was still live on mobile/PC, hovering over a banner would tell you which kingdom it’s from.

Considering the XB1/PS4 do not have the same free movement of a mobile or PC, the name hovering was likely removed or not accounted for when altering the format.

You can still highlight a Kingdom by simply moving the cursor to it on console so they had no excuse to leave it out. Tbh the console version needs a faq section or tutorial section in game.

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Could not agree more!

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The color of the banner tells you the bonus it gives. Ghulvania is red purple as an example. You can match them up that way if you want to know which banner is which but there isn’t an actual reason at this time to know the name of the banner just what bonus it gives.

I guess you don’t play the game or you would know that there is a task related to using a certain banner.

I guess you don’t play the game or you’d know the quest is either worded incorrectly or flat out broken. I guess you don’t read the boards because I explained exactly how to complete the bugged quest in another topic and you don’t need to know what your banner is to do it. I guess you have an attitude problem. good luck figuring out how to complete the task.

I already completed the task using the banner it specified…

Then you got lucky because your banner has NOTHING to do with it. Congrats on sounding like a prick and being wrong at the same time. It’s based on your opponents banner but you knew that because you clearly know more than me. Just like you also didn’t know how to complete the linear path task bug.

I guess I LUCKily followed THE directions BEcause I ALREADY completeD the LINear TASK buG, ClearLY. Do you act like this offline too or just in the forums?

Lets see here. I pointed out you don’t need to know what kingdom it is. This is a fact your response was insulting and condescending and wrong. You then ask if I act like this offline? do you? But yes offline I’ll tell you to your face you’re a conceded overconfident prick with no clue wth you’re talking about.

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Closing this thread as I’m pretty sure the productive part of this discussion has run its course. Try to save the hostilities for invasions please!