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Band of Merry Gem Merchants and Jewell Bandits needs a Home

We are a group of 8 keen active players looking for a new home. Our level breakdown consists of 5 players between level 100 and 400 and 3 players between 560 and 1060. 95 % of us will max seals every week, complete all raid and invasion events, notify fellow members of pet battles and we are all on discord.
Our lower level members have not yet maxed kingdoms so will input only minimal gold until kingdom level 10 is attained. The No 1 and 2 players are good for 1 million each per week.
We are always up for a chat and enjoy helping others in the guild. Most of us are not big trophy hunters but are super competitive with events and Guild Wars. If you feel we would make an awesome addition to your guild then please message me via this post and I will supply all user codes. this is strictly a take one take all proposition so if you are a guild with 20 members and looking to grow, hit 40K seals and smash out guardian tasks we are the wandering band of Gem prospectors you’ve been looking for. :smile: