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Bad translation, or does not mean what we think... "Exclusive"

I see the term “Exclusive” use a lot in the News for new Troops. But at the same time I see them saying that I get other Mystic from those sources and I see them on sale in the shop…

So WHAT the heck does Exclusive mean, because by both definitions I would go it is wrong.


In this case, you can only get these troops for this week from event chests/glory bundles until 4 weeks pass then they’ll be available from other chests.

This Mythic event makes it so that only Abysnia is the available mythic until it passes. Then it’s equal chances for all mythics again.

No, the translation is correct. She does not, however, appear in event chests. New mythics never do. Event chests presently contain Draakulis though, as he is a mythic belonging to the kingdom that the event is for.