Bad spanish translation (wildcard to carta salvaje)

Just as the tittle say. “Wildcard” has been translated as “carta salvaje” (which is wild card) instead of “comodín”
I am reporting it but i know this will stay with us forever just like “bark/ladrido” instead of “corteza”


Hello @Veryhappy

Thank you for sharing this! I’ve let the team know.

And so it is not missed again, where is “bark/ladrido” instead of “corteza” seen in the game. I will add that to this wildcard translation report too!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

“Ladrido” (which is the spanish word for the sound dogs make) is how the Treant (spanish name of the card) spell is called right now (i suppose It comes from english “bark”). It should be called “corteza” (which is the spanish word for the outer parte of a tree)