BACKUP talent working too good


yes, because obviously it isn’t a good idea to have a new Bandit summoned when a Bandit dies. Certainly not with a chance of 50%.
It feels like TDS all over again. I just had to kill 12 troops instead of 4 (or what should have been max 8 in my opinion).


I have faced the Bandit Hordes myself. They are nefarious and multiply like rabbits.


Totally agree, is annoying, should have a limit or should be reduced to 25%.


It would be smart for them to have it start at 50%, and then go down by 5% every time it get triggered. So the first time you have a 50% chance, the second time a 45% chance, and so on. There would still be times when it could span a hoard, so the gamble is still there, but it would make it happen significantly less than it does now.