Back to roots ( Goblins)

and again same sh1t even worst, coz goblin’s team is now even much stronger, with this extra +2 magic from caste skills after new update every1 gonna make this team , this is how base legenday become better then normal cards ???
yeah let’s make all togheter fantastic team with common/rare cards Goblins, still extra turn, small amount of mana and stonger hits
boring → thx for better legendary troops

back to roots

To be fair all troops gained the extra magic, not only goblins

It is like the nerf from +10 to the now +4 to team build was overlooked and nobody cares that frozen is now out and that gob chomper and a bunch of counters to marauders and anti-green troops does not already exist.

Did only about 50 pvps in 109 and havent seen a single goblin. And as @killerman3333 said, the counters from 108 still exist (GobChomper, Dark Song are perfect counters) and with ‘frozen’ added and easily obtainable for very low cost it should be even easier to counter goblins now. So, sry but I disagree 100% with the OP

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Yea, I also don’t see many goblins. Granted, they’re very challenging to deal with, but are still within manageable realm.

So err… I guess I can only say: Less QQ more Pew Pew

Thought it was “Less CHEW CHEW more PEW PEW”. Not a native speaker though

I’m not native speaker, no. Although that phrase did come from American’s World of Warcraft server. I believe the QQ are meant to be emoji for 2 crying eyes, and pew pew is meant to reference the sounds of spell/gun blasts. So as a whole it means something like: Quit whining and start shooting. I used to see this all the time in Alteric Valley and other PvP public channels :smirk: