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Back and Blackstone rank 100 (ish) bracket 10 (ish) RECRUITING

The rank and bracket change so often it’s difficult to put a definite (hence the brackets) lol

We’ve just had a major purge of useless layabouts, so are looking for some new blood- that actually wants to participate!

So the requirements? Not much really- just that you talk to us! We have a club page where we post all sorts of stuff- hopefully designed to help others grow stronger… or just give each other ideas. We want people to play their Gem Wars - this is the ‘thing’. A while ago we managed to obtain a place in bracket 8… but so many players were like ‘How can I possibly fight them!’ and ran in fear, then hid in solitude… and all we wanted them to do was to give it a go, just try… just talk to us - we’re not scary- OK I may be a little, but the others are lovely lol

So, if you want to join our (slightly) crazy family, working at your own pace- but growing stronger by the day. Whether you be new to the game (we’ll give good advice and a help up), or an old hand- that maybe just wants to spend a little less time each week than the top guilds require. Drop me a message on xbox.

My gt is Debzy zZz

Hope to hear from you soon :grin:

Got a couple of new members- but still room for more :blush:

Still got some room guys :slight_smile:

I joined about a month ago - fantastic guild. Very active and helpful. If you’re like me and joined a guild early on and you have a few people active and no communication, do yourself a favor and give Back and Blackstone a try. Couldn’t be happier :smiley:

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