Back after 2 years, not sure where to start

Giving this game another try after being away for around 2 yearsish?
Curious if there is anything significant I need to be caught up on, and any team building help I can get.
Prior to leaving I was running elspeth+crimson bat comps, and gorgotha, krystenax, dragon soul comps.
I assume all of those will be outdated, etc so any help is appreciated :slight_smile:
Just posting my base rarity mythics/legendaries, have too many cards from when I played otherwise, unless some are really vital, but it’d be like 400 card listings.
Gaards Avatar
Jotnar Stormshield
Pharos Ra

Aumnal Imp
Bone Dragon
Crimson Bat
Dark Monolith
Dracos 1337
Emperor Khorvash
Forest Guardian
Gloom Leaf
Goblin King
God and Gud
Infernal King
Jarl Firemantle
Keeper of Souls
King Avelorn
King Highforge
King Mikhail
Kurarg of the dread
Queen Mab
Queen Ysabelle
Shadow Dragon
Spooky Imp
Spring Imp
Summer Imp
The Dragon Souls
The Great Maw

Most important thing is going to be hero classes. Start leveling up the good ones ASAP - Frostmage, Titan, Archer, etc - anything with a fast 50% mana start is at least viable. Unlock them via quests in their respective kingdoms.

I’m pretty sure Maw + Mercy + Infernal King + Sheggra would still work, though you want to have a hero on your team at all times nowadays to level those classes.

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Thanks for the reply!
So I’ve gone ahead and unlocked pretty much all of the classes now, which class for a team like that would you recommend?

Archer or anything else with the Cunning tree to get Hunter’s Mark on 4/5-matches. Archer and Thief both have a Fast start but Archer also has Root Trap (Entangle).

For reference, I did make this rather large spreadsheet.

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U need a guild

BARD class is awesome as well. It works well on teams that have Gaards Avatar and Euryali as it boost all stats on yellow cards by 1 per turn. SUNSPEAR class is great for red teams that use explosions. TITAN is said to be one of the strongest classes. SENTINEL class is gret for brown troops. PLAGUELORD is great for supressing loop teams and mythics. ORBWEAVER is often used by people to hide and seek their hero on teams where he is the key player. FROSTMAGE is another great suppression class.

Delves in Krystaria are new. 3 delves per day. If a card is destroyed in a delve it’s gone for the remainder unless it can be summoned. Yields ingots to max out weapon powers, shards to get treasure and delve specific troops, and sometimes souls, gold, or renown (pushes up point value of delve kingdoms). Delves can be upgraded through hoard to add permanent gold gains per day, increase skills, unlock delve pets, and increase level to handle higher level encounters in delves.

There are now 4 GUILD EVENTS: Raid, Invasions, Tower of Doom, and Guild Wars. They alternate week to week. RAID: kill boss over and over and accumulate boss damage points to unlock tier rewards as a guild. INVASIONS: destroy towers over and over again to accumulate total towers destroyed for tire rewards. TOWER OF DOOM: ascend floors of a tower to destroy dooms. Each floor has 5 rooms, 1 has an unlock scroll for the doom room, the others have scrolls that increase stats or give a benefit to climbing the tower. 25 floors is considered ascending the tower to the top, though you can keep going. GUILD WARS: the same as it was 2 years ago. PVP against other guilds; do your best to win 5 out of 5 matches each day for 6 days.

Individual events happen as well. BOUNTY: described to me once as, see how far you can get using some of the worst cards in the game. Unlock rewards based on points accumulated. The more Bounty specific cards you use in your lineup the more points you get per match. The rewards are worth it, try it out. Also the cards of course count toward kingdom’s.

PET RESCUE: rescue a pet to get bonuses to your race or kingdom teams. The higher the pet is ascended the more your perks increase.

FACTION ASSAULT: a limited time delve run with tier rewards.

CLASS TRIAL: Quickly boost the featured class for a limited time. Chance to outright purchase XP and Class weapons to cut grind. Tier rewards included.

DUNGEON: Complete 3 matches a day to get crafting resources for the SOUL FORGE.

SOUL FORGE: Use materials to craft troops up to mythic, orbs, ingots, trait stones and weapons.

GNOME VAULT: Use vault key to enter a battle in a vault for a high chance to get rewards.

ADVENTURES: Took place of daily tasks. Complete these for trait stones, glory, gold, souls, gems, and deeds.

KINGDOMS: Level goes up to 15 now using deeds. Deeds found in daily adventures and flash sales. Stars increase tribute, tribute chance, gold gain, and skills. Increase stars by completing listed requirements. CHALLENGES: Give tier rewards now.

HONOR: gain honor to earn extra benefits. Some people trade it.

I think that about covers it. Let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile: Welcome back to GOW!


Just turn back around and run :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just uninstall :joy: regrets always comes after the start


If you are looking for a guild, check us out here:

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