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Awards for time of game

It is a fact that we have records of almost everything in Gems of War, including when the player started playing. I, for example, started on December 10, 2014, registered on Steam.

This suggestion is not for login time, type, “between all days to win certain prize”. It would be a birthday gift along with Gems of War. After all, many of us already have Gems of War as part of our daily lives and we often can not log in daily, losing out one day or another, but we are always present the way we can. That would also spur new players.

Of course the present could be a title (which would be displayed next to the player’s name on the status screen and visible to other players) as I already suggested. It would be cool to have the title of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th anniversary in Gems of War.

But even better would be to win a creature. Not a creature that already exists in the game and comes in chests or portals, but a unique creature. She would not have to be an extremely powerful creature as well, for the most important thing would be to have her as a memento of our time with the Gems of War family.

Anyway, I still hope to be for many more years watching this beautiful game grow and grow, getting more and more fun.


A beautiful sentiment that I also share!

Perhaps the award should be a cosmetic pet that you receive a copy of it every 100 days. So it would take on the order of around 8 years to fully upgrade it. That would be kind of cool and special.

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This idea is also very good, since a Pet you could always bring together in your look. But with that idea of yours, it would always be the same. Whether it was 100 days or 5 years together with Gems of War, the player would always win a copy of the same Pet.

My idea was to be a different gift to each player’s birthday and if there was a session with achievements in the game (which I have already suggested) other players could see how that gift could be obtained.

Maybe 1 different Pet every 365 days? (which had a unique color on the edge of the card, different from the ranks and did not need to be improved).

Another gift that could also be cool would be a new skin for the hero. No need to have any bonuses, just cosmetic, but could be used to customize the look of the player.

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