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Average Amount of Players In-Game (Steam)


I tried to make a diagram of “How many players play Gems of War on Steam on average, and at what hour the highest number is”. I found this useful for me, so maybe, it’ll be useful for you?
There is UTC time and UTC+10 time at the bottom of the diagram (I did UTC+10 because it is my time).
The Average Number for each hour is an interval between the top of the blue and red columns.

Here is the diagram:

I hope this information will be useful for you and I didn’t break any of the rules.
(If this information is not useful for you or you were not interested in it, then why did you read this?)

Now I can finally go to sleep…


I like the graphic, but can you do this for a whole month, i would like more info on players playing and what parts of the month are seeing the most play so i can draw conclusions from the data as to why the numbers are the way they are.

Would like to see this for both consoles. I guess there are around 10.000 active players on Xbone (based on lowest pvp ranking seen just before reset). No educated guess around concurrent users.

A month is daft.

A week would be a good steer, and then overlay subsequent weeks. The game has a weekly cycle.

Players paychecks are given weekly, every other week, or once a month. This can affect how much a player plays the game. Also with the introduction of monthly view, you can see if indeed vacations of holidays and which holidays are having an impact. With the above we can see the most hours played but this is limited data, in a weekly timeline of play we can further establish player info that we can extrapolate data from. The more data the better. Also if there are holidays where by play seems week adverts or some dev intervenience can probably impact player retention such as a holiday event.