Autoplay AI minus the I

As it sits now the AI for Autoplay doesn’t play rationally period. What is the point of Autoplay (even if you “505” assume players with multiple accounts can now benefit from this feature as a time saver) if it cannot play a deck with any real resemblance of that of an actual human player?

Like everyone else watching the AI play at 1.5x on any hardware/console is painful but not because it is slow but more to the point we know that our CPU has so much spare time on it’s hands between playing each deck using an AI that has as much experience as a toddler, that it has already read every book in the Library of Congress, played every possible known configuration for Freecell, and has already generated the answer to the meaning of life. I’m assuming that my PS5 is probably considering committing suicide and I can’t say that I would blame it.

As I said in the subject line your AI requires better intelligence because it’s too painful to watch it play any deck that actually requires a human to know that you can’t just fire off any card as soon as it has powered up because most of the cards you “505” have given us require to be played in an oreder of operation otherwise your deck will fail horribly.

I watched the AI fire off Greed 3 times on a Gold Skeleton Key team even though after the 1st time Greed was played the team already had 174/200 gold. The team got slaughtered on an Explore 12,. The AI doesn’t even try to power up the Egg Thief and wants to try to use Cedric to do the killing and jumps at any brown matches to power up the Skeleton Key.

As stupid as the AI is locking the speed at 1.5x is just adding insult to injury…


It’s funny how much whining autoplay is causing. You’re supposed to play the game yourself, everyone who plays the game already knows the AI makes stupid decisions. I just won a br1 GW match solely because the AI chose to use first mate to convert instead of child of summer when there was 2 massive 5+ brown/red matches on the screen for them.

I’m not even sure what people are complaining about, you want it to be smarter when you use it but dumb when you’re against it? And you want it to be super fast so you can have the game played for you more efficiently?

It’s simple, just don’t use it. Even simpler would be if 505 thought before they acted, but we know that isn’t happening. There’s a million things that need to be fixed/modified in this game and instead they just drop a huge turd on the community that nobody needed wanted or asked for, and all it does is create problems. Weird priorities.

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I have no intentions of using it. At 1.5x play speed and after watching the AI lose that Explore 12 in almost 4.5 minutes even had it won the battle the farming value of it is worthless. 13 matches an hour assuming it won every match would only generate my account about 122,000 gold. Far from 350,000 to 400,000 I can make farming it myself every hour.

I want it to be smarter period. A better AI that can play more teams well would make the game better everywhere, but I’m thinking particularly of PvP: imagine how many more viable defense teams this would open up, rather than the handful of meta teams that the AI can’t help but play effectively.

It’s frustrating because look: every match is an opportunity to gather training data on how real players play.

But no; the AI keeps making the same brain-dead decisions it always has; it doesn’t play strategically, it doesn’t look ahead at all, it usually just casts whatever’s full.

It’s not a new problem – anyone who’s tried testing defense teams in PvP already knows it – but Auto Play really does put the weakness of the AI right up in your face; and in slow motion too so you can savor each poor decision. NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING DON’T CAST THRALL AGAIN.

That is exactly my point.

This just points out the same glaring weakness that we’ve been screaming about for years to IP2 and it appears 505 is down with the same shit AI.

I’m not going to lie, Autoplay has never been on my mind ever. What is the point to playing a gem matching game if your just going to allow the computer to play your game for you?

I’m still waiting for live PVP that we have been asking for since 2016 or 2017. I would much rather play a match against another human being which can actually think for themselves. Com2us has nailed live PVP down pat in Summoners War but 7 years later that concept is proving too difficult for GoW developers.

I agree, no one asked for it, we want bug fixes the most, so are there really questions about why 505 implemented autoplay? Isn’t it obvious?


Why indeed…

So apparently, it has something to do with the fact that they have no time to incorporate the fixes/stuff that matters into the update, so they focus on adding borderline irrelevant autoplay nobody asked for instead.
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Nim and Sir really going for that $$$-bonus for inflating player numbers.

My theory is, there’s so many that bot the game anyway these days that the devs aren’t banning. So there thoughts are give everyone the choice to bot or not.
But what’s funny is those who bot and break the rules will continue to do so and not use this “feature”.
In the amount of clicks it takes to use this “feature” I can win a match by manually playing.

Others are correct though. It’s for my alt accounts that I have less powerful teams on and less and less time to play on. So this allows those accounts to be used. Thus making it look like there are more players playing the game than in reality.

I would of much rather had an auto recruit real life players patch than an auto play one though.

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With a game like this, a person vs person PVP would be a complete mess.
Getting the first turn, as it happens for the attacker right now, is way too overpowered to allow this. 90% of all professional setups are built to win in the first turn. Either you have to rebalance half of the troops and skills to avoid this, or you have a boring cinematic scene for the losing player, no matter if you keep it like this (which means, there’s no way to find someone, who defends manually willingly) or make turn 1 a coinflip (which means, no sane person would start one after toying around with the concept for maybe a week).

Implementing direct PVP is not as easy as it sounds, if you have ran so deep into a different concept.

P.S.: AMT: Good quote collection; gives me another reason not to like the devs.
“Yes, I know your main pipe is broken. So aren’t you happy, we renovate your balcony, so you can catch rain water much more easily?”

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Actually it’s not as hard as you think it is. Try Bejeweled Blitz Live as a starting concept.

Because it’s a feature nobody asked about, and they added it anyway, in such crippled half-assed way that it is downright insulting.
Why waste time on rubbish like this when there are actual problems in the game that actually do need working on?


My understanding is that they need to produce features so something like autoplay is low hanging fruit and easy to add. We are not on the team so we don’t know how they prioritize projects. But I am not going to complain because this is a free game after all.

Well I am going to complain for you then because I have hopes and dreams of hitting VIP 20 in the next year and I’m a third of the way into VIP 18 so I feel as I have a small pedestal to stand upon and air our frustration!

sorry i wasn’t precisely about that, the question should be:
why they implemented autoplay and why is it at 1.5 speed?
lots of veterans left the game, more than new players came to the game, but most of those veterans who stayed have at least one alt account, especially after they changed recently a lot of beginner or mid-level stage.
so, i can only see a real use now for alt accounts.
505 is aiming for two goals with that implementation of autoplay with 1.5 speed (and dump AI):
Players! please make an alt account (if you haven’t already, lol) and this alt account will raise in playtime more than before, can stay open on second device all the time - just use autoplay.
short: increased accounts (we will see as players playing the game) and increased playtime!

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I still don’t get the point of alt account in this game.
In other games where you can feed the main account the proceeds/gains from your alt account, sure.
Here, the only reason I can see is to boost your guild’s numbers, to make up for… uh… lack of active members?
But even then, it just feels like a royal waste of time to me.


To assist with explore farming, to assist players who don’t have much time to play to get more battles done, to dissuade players from using farming bots because there is autoplay in built.

It’s at 1.5x speed and the AI isn’t as smart as a player because autoplay should never be better than actually playing for yourself.

It’s something other games offer as a feature as well and their players use it.


While I appreciate the concept of AI playing (Was in plenty of the Forza games I play) and am ok with the AI playing inefficiently, 1.5x speed kinda prevents the 2nd point of getting more battles done from being true and the 3rd point is largely null as well due to the set up process + 1.5x speed. Not encouraging botting, but I just don’t see the dissuading in action.


Please extend the auto play to do at least 1 explore run.