Automatic seals collection required

Guilds lose a lot of seals just because players, especially beginners, just don’t click on the “pick up all” button. Perhaps they do not know or do not understand. The system must be foolproof.


I never understood why seals, or event rewards, need to be manually collected.
Heck, why even bother with (perishable) reward mails?

[puts on his devs-are-evil-moneygrabbers-hat]
Dev: Because this way players have a chance of missing out on resources, making them grind longer and thus more eager to spend real money MUahHAHahHA!
Me: But if players consistently miss out on rewards and see an insurmountable grind, they’ll just quit instead of paying.
Dev: …muahaha?
[drops the hat]

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I really agree with the sentiment in the OP – guilds often have Seal requirements that a newbie might otherwise meet if they knew to collect Seals. Moreover, they’re losing out on resources.

That being said, from the other times this has been brought up, I’m not sure an easy and feasible solution has been devised and agreed upon.

I’m pretty sure there’s an answer in here somewhere, tbh, from memory – I think related to server strain:

Good point – while something could be said for not having too many rewards build up in a mailbox that could all be claimed at once and stress the servers, I’d be all for rewards being automatically added with the mailbox just serving to notify you of this.

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Because you want your players checking the game as often as possible :wink:


One of the reason Jonathan worries about Mailboxes, Mailbox sizes, Mailbox Locations, and Mailbox Availability is because I send him a LOT of mail. Like A LOT.

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Whenever you complete a battle, you should get the seals as just another item in the list of resources you earned from this battle.

This would help new players immensely, who you think the devs would want to attract and retain, because established players know that they need to collect their seals manually.

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