Auto Tribute Collector

I’d pay good money for one. Just sayin’… :wink:

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i would pay $10 - $15 per week for such a feature

Why not just pay money for gems then? (Already offered in game)


I wouldn’t pay for it, personally, but gems aren’t the only thing you get from tributes.

It will never happen because that feature would actually break the F2P/P2W concept. Assuming every kingdom tribute gave you an abysmal offering of gems every hour say 15 gems. Everyone would just let their console run and never shutoff then you’d collect 360 a day. A years worth of gem tributes comes out to be 131,400 gems.

If you wanted to purchase 131,400 gems with no VIP bonus in the US that would cost you a whopping $8,760. So you can see an auto tribute collector will never happen because it would bankrupt the game.

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You are incorrectly assuming that tributes would stay the same. That’s not how this works in the game service industry. What instead happens is:

1.) They check how many tributes players collect on average, say 4 each day.
2.) They reduce what you get from collecting tributes to 4/24, a sixth of what you get now.
3.) They introduce a paid for auto-collector service that collects 24 tributes each day, resulting in the former average yield. An extra 10% gets added on top to advertise this as great deal.
4.) They publish some newsletter about their fantastic interaction with the community, even though everybody lost out big.

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Apparently you haven’t read the TOS

Hacking and Cheating

Hacking, cheating, emulators and using 3rd party modifying tools, macros and hotkeys are not permitted in our games. Doing so can result in your account being instantly banned.

I know the PC version will always be susceptible to that type of stuff but what can you do.

I’m not advocating that people cheat.

I’m saying that it’s already happening undetected by people inclined to do so that aren’t lazy or overly greedy with their coding. Nothing can be done about it.

While waiting for that console api I guess I’ll just keep settling for browser notifications that are late or never show up…

i used bluestacks on a 2nd account for so long, then it got too hard to manage two accounts. that was never deteced