Australia is nice

You should visit.
But not yucky Sydney or Melbourne. Brisbane and the gold coast is where the ummm, fun is.
And Google curumbin wild life refuge :heart::heart::heart:

Oh, and they don’t drink fosters lol.

And off topic is for drunk posts?


Friends dont let friends post drunk… Gimme your keyboard

One should never feed a gorilla with a keyboard…

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True… We prefer fresh fruit. My fav is raspberries

Need to be careful of Drop Bears though :wink:

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Brisbane is definitely the nicest Aussie city to visit. Gold Coast is OK for touristy things but very ‘Bogan’. Sunshine Coast is the nicest for beaches and nature. Melbourne is overrated - it’s an old and dirty city. Sydney is OK for tourist stuff but i wouldnt want to live there. Adelaide and Perth are underrated - both are clean, modern cities with nice beaches and wine regions. Darwin is great for ‘Aussie’ adventure and laid back lifestyle. Hobart is also a nice clean city with a European feel though less cosmopolitan than the larger cities.

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