🛡 Audles - Rank 50 - [FULL] Casual but Dedicated players welcome [30/30]


We ended up with a second spot available so have at it!

If you love to play and want to hang out a fun bunch of gamers, stop on by.



I would love to be part of your Guild.
Invite Code: King of the Land
LVL: 1.034
Gold: 200-350K
Seals: 800-1500
Trophies: 150-250


Hi, King of the Land. Invite sent!
Welcome to Audles!


Seems we lost contact with one of our recent respondents so I’m opening that spot back up.

I’ve been with Audles for over two years and yesterday, we celebrated our 24th member who passed the one year mark with the guild - 17 of whom are still on the roster.

If you’re looking for a new home, leave us a note.


Just got a great PM and will be closing our recruiting for now.

We do keep a waitlist, however, so if you feel like Audles would be a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Hello again, everyone!

We seem to have lost touch with one of our members so I’m going to have to offer up that spot to keep us at full strength.

We play hard and push to reach our goals so you’ll always be rewarded but you’ll never be buried under demanding requirements. We just had our 27th member pass level 1000 so we’re all endgame players but here, at the end, we figure it’s all about fun.

Come join it!


Come and join our awesome group! :smiley: !


We’re back to a full Roster here so recruitment is closed for now but as always, please let us know if you’d like me to contact you if a new spot opens up.


Well, darn.

Didn’t expect to be back here so soon but one of our founding members has gotten entirely too busy with work and has offered to step down so we can keep rolling. He’ll still be with us on Discord of course but we’ve got an open spot on the Roster for an active player looking to enjoy the game with a fun bunch of guildmates.

Leave us a note if you’re looking for a great new home!


I’m happy in Homebound now, but I used to be a proud member of Audles, and I thought I’d say a friendly hello!


Hello Mr. Strange, I remember you. No chance to join us again?


Hey @Mr.Strange! Good to know you’re still out there having fun!


That would be pretty rude, I think. Homebound is very active and their discord chat is pretty high-quality.

If Audles has a discord channel though - I’d be happy to hang out!


I’ll send you the link :slight_smile:


What a great turn of events, reconnecting with a founding member of Audles - even if only on Discord!

That still leaves us with a spot open on the Roster, though.

Drop by. We’d love to meet you!


req for week?


200k Gold, 1k seals on mythic week, 100 trophys on GW, 50 on Raid ad Invasion. Event participation.


i’m level 1216 player my contribution are 1000000 gold,1500 seal,300 trophies and i do all guild events

invite code bigdog64


It’s only been a few days but @bigdog64 has been a great addition to the team and we’re looking for one more!

We just had a 1 year veteran need to step down for a while so there’s a hot seat in a great guild ready for the taking.

Have a look through our top post here and see if this might just be the new home you’re looking for.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


I am currently level 550 and am in a guild but most are inactive and we have stopped progressing so I am looking for an active group.