🛡 Audles - Rank 50 - [FULL] Casual but Dedicated players welcome [30/30]


Sounds great @Oorfin. I’ll send the invite.

Look forward to seeing you in-game and on Discord!


We’ve unfortunately had a long-time member have to step down this week so we find ourselves with an open spot for the coming week.

If you’re looking for a great guild to hang out with, give us a shout. We’re always glad to have a new member join our ranks!


Come check us out. It’s a great group, active but laid back. Lots of communication via discord. And it’s run by a fantastic guild leader, best I’ve run into. I probably would have moved on from the game by now, if it wasn’t for these guys.


We still have 1 spot open!


I’d like to join
Invite code:
Level 1296


Thanks for your interest! Our guild leader will contact you soon.


Hi @janislaicans

We look forward to meeting you.
Invite sent!


Sadly, Audles has lost a founding member today. She’s been with us nearly two years but real life just catches up on you sometimes. She’ll be with us on Discord, of course, as long as there’s an Audles but the time has come to fill her vacated spot on the roster.

We’re a really tight group that enjoys the competition and have fun on Discord every day. We’ve got a casual atmosphere, with laid back minimums and just want to help each other keep pushing forward.

If you’re looking for a great bunch of people to game with, drop us a line.


Looks like the type of guild I’m looking for. I’m humbly requesting an invite:

LVL 383.
All kingdoms at lvl 10.
3 magic kingdoms to power 5.


Invite sent! Welcome to Audles.


Happy Easter everyone!

We have a spot open on the roster this week and with Guild Wars about to start, we’d love to fill it before the war begins!

If you’re looking for all the rewards in a relaxed atmosphere with great guildmates, leave us a message!


I’d like to join if you guys are on the tablet version. I’m a level 576 daily active player. Each week I max the guild sigils. Looking for very active guild to max play. Thx. My invite code KUBIKIRI4


Hi there @keyang, thanks for the quick reply! I have sent you an invite. You’re going to be the junior member at your level, but don’t let that intimidate you! We’ve all been there, and Audles is a great place to level up and make friends! :slight_smile:

Be sure to check out the in game chat for the link to our discord. See you soon!


We lost a member this week who just couldn’t find any interest in the new Events so we’re opening up our recruitment once again.

We have one guaranteed spot available and possibly another two depending on how things go so if you’re looking for a fun guild that’ll grant you all the rewards with a very casual set of requirements, please let us know.


Morning bump .
Come join Audles!

Back once again

Sling me an invite if you still need a player.


Unfortunatly I can’t invite you yet, but I let our Guildleader know and he will contact you soon!
It would be great to have you in our guild. We need your invite Code.


Oh yeah, sorry, CHKNSNDWCHUK invite code


Thanks, I hope it doesn’t take too long.


Ok, @chknsndwch, invite sent!

Welcome to Audles and looking forward to seeing you on Discord!