Attacking characters with boosts for entire team?

I’ve been searching for awhile (unless I’ve been searching the wrong thing)
Every now and again when I “invade” a player, the entire player’s team will have boosts to there health/armor right from the beginning. Their troops will all be from different kingdoms. How is this possible? I can only get boosts to troops if my home is the kingdom that that particular troop is from.
I’ve leveled up the other kingdoms to my other troops, but this doesn’t give them any boost, so i was wondering how it worked?

PS… I’m playing on PS4
I’ve seem something about team bonuses under update 1.07, but PS4’s only update is 1.01. Is this why? Does that mean that PS4 players are gimped and forced to play cross platform against other people?

Hello good Sir. In the version you are currently playing. Your team can gain bonusses on their stats, this ones comming from the kingdom you are currently playing on. Defenses are always fought on the player being invade home kingdom, which means, they will always have a bonus for their team while defending if the home kingdom level is enough -As the level goes up, the stats grow aswell- On the other hand, if you level up a kingdom you will get same stats too but, those only apply while you are playing on that specifc kingdom. An example is you have Adana lvl 10 so when you fight on Adana you get several bonusses while if you were fighting on Broken Spire and it is at level 2 you aint going to get anything. :v:

So, if I did a “challenge” level in my own Kingdom, I should see a team bonus, correct?
My home Kingdom is level 5 (Idk if that’s too low), but when I do a challenge map, my boosts are the same as when I only had a level 1 home kingdom.

Or does it only apply to being “invaded?”

Am sorry but I’ve no idea if it works on challenge. Altought, if you want to prove my wrong, you can go to invade and use the “Try Another” button until you find someone who is using the same kingdom you have on level five, you should be getting green/buffed stats on that match.

I like that idea, I’ll give it a shot.

How it went? :v:

ok… so my home is Khetar… apparently, I’m the only one who plays the game that has Khetar as a hometown lol… I spent well over 2000 gold looking.

So I switched to Mist of Scales. I have a level 2 kingdom there, and one of troops is from there.

I found a match… I got a 1 Attack boost for just the character that is from there
The person I was attacking had a +2 armor, and +1 health on all characters.

They were using their Hero (presumably from Mist of Scales), and 3x lv15 Blast Cannons (from Khaziel)
yet they had the boosts on all characters…

I’m still confused at why I don’t get boosts of troops outside my kingdom.
I still win like 90% of the time, but I’d still like to know how to get stronger.

I use (all lv.15)

Venoxia (mist of Scales)
2x Wight’s (Khetar)
Lady Sapphira (Whitehall)

(in that order)

I dont think a lvl 2 kingdom gives any bonusses.

Ok, so it looks like Console is still using the old 1.0.6 bonus system, so this is what I remember so far.

There are 2 ways your troops can get bonuses.

  1. Kingdom Bonus
    Go into Kingdom and (if I recall correctly) there should be a Question Mark Icon somewhere that pulls up a list of bonuses you can get at various Levels of your Home Kingdom. For this type of Bonus, you can only get them if you are PLAYING in that Kingdom. So, yes, that means Challenges, Defense, and PvP against other players with the same Home Kingdom. I’m not sure about Storymode, since I cleared all of them before I got my kingdoms high enough to test them.

  2. Team Banner Bonus
    Different Banners can grant different type of Bonuses as well, but ONLY to the troops associated with that particular kingdom. This bonus you can carry out anywhere outside of your Home Kingdom. So Venoxia will only get bonuses if you put her under the Mist of Scales banner, Lady Sapphira is Whitehelm… etc.

On an off note, yes, this is very confusing, and it took me a while to figure out as well when I first started. The new 1.0.7 version on the Mobile/PC system is much more intuitive, which basically grants universal kingdom bonuses no matter where you go. Furthermore, we also get extra bonuses for putting Same Race/Same Kingdoms creatures together n a team, so there is a lot of room for customization here. There is also a high chance that we will be getting 1.0.8 patch within the next couple weeks, which introduces a brand new Mythic tier above the Legendary class. I would suggest you check out our side sometimes for comparison. We have less bugs, faster customer supports, and an overall faster version updates ~

You know that changing banners and home kingdom is not the same right? For the +1 attack you got on Venoxia, it looks like you only changed a banner. In fact a lvl 2 kingdom does award a +1 armor…

Try to check this guide made by @Archennasa.

OK… so I figured it out…
When you go into “Defend” on your kingdom, and you have to put your “army” on the flag that represents your Home Kingdom.
Since mine was Khetar I picked the flag that was Blue and Purple (since that’s my boosts)
(I assume all flags are color based)
My very next match (I was invading)… I had bonuses on every troop

I hope this helps anyone else that was as confused as I was!!!