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At which level a guild can have 30 players?

When a new guild is created the roster is limited to 20 players.
At which level the guild can have a full roster of 30 members?


Up, a lot of views but no answer :joy: maybe there are too many veterans on the forum who have forgotten how a new guild works :joy:

All I can tell you is at level 20 it’s 29 members.
New guilds start with 10 members.

Thx, 10 char

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Level 21 allows 30 members.


You start with 10 members and gain one for each level. So yes, lvl 20.

I never knew that, as I have always joined guilds that were always full, and didn’t join my first guild until I was about level 100. Well you learn something new everyday. Good luck with your guild!!!