At what hero level did GoW become easy for you?

I keep seeing posts about Bone Dragon or EK saying how overpowered they are but, at least in recent memory, I’ve never had an issue defeating them with any of my generic PvP teams. Obviously, depending on what level you are, what cards you have (and how traited they are), and how many kingdoms you have built out all play a big part in how tough or easy matches are. But I’m curious if that’s really the difference between why I find BD & EK easy to defeat and others seem to find them very difficult; even players that are at or above my level (I’m in the mid 700’s currently).

Perhaps there’s something else going on to explain such a differing set of experiences? I would assume play style also has something to do with it but I’m not much of a strategist, I tend to play only a couple different ways: for speed (further broken down into fast thinking fights or fast brain dead fights, depending on how much mental energy I have at the time) or for resources. While all my team slots are always full, I don’t create teams specifically to defeat other specific teams. I like general purpose teams that are efficient no matter who I go up against. I also don’t use BD or EK teams very much these days.

Now, I’m not trying to argue that any specific card(s) do or do not need nerfs/fixing, I’d ask that you leave those arguments for the posts that are specifically asking for them. I’m more curious why some players seem to struggle while others seem to breeze through. What I want to know is:

What is:

  • Your Hero Level
  • How many kingdoms do you have to 5+ stars
  • Your preferred play style


  • Do you struggle against BD teams?
  • Do you struggle against EK teams?
  • Any other teams you do struggle against?
  • If “No” to the above, about what Hero level did you find that the game became easy (whatever “easy” means to you) and why do you feel it is easy?


Easy… or quick.

So I’ll answer my own questions first:

  • Hero Level 736
  • 21 or more at 5+ stars
  • Either exploders (non-thinking teams) or multi-match teams (mana transformer teams). Occasionally skull spammers


  • 99% of the time I do not struggle against BD or EK teams unless I get one of “those” boards lol. In truth, death mark teams give me more issues than BD or EK.
  • Not really but as I mentioned, Death Mark tends to be the ones I lose the most against on the occasion I do lose
  • It was somewhere in the 500-600 range but that is also when I really started pushing to star up my kingdoms (I was a little late to the party). The fact that I pick my PVP fights based only on trophy count (3) or Revenge, not based on who I’m fighting is what makes me feel like the game is easy.

Edit: I forgot about frozen teams, those are less likely to kill me than the insta-wipe power of Death Mark teams but Frozen teams can definitely be more annoying.

Currently level 787
I have 10 kingdoms 5 star or above
I like fast matches over slow ones, if a match takes longer than 5 minutes it frustrates me. Maybe a Boss type mode wouldn’t, but a simple PvP or Explore does.

I do not struggle vs BD or EK teams, in fact I like crushing them, they are some of the easiest teams imo.
I dislike frozen the most of all things in game, so a Mab, Wraith or other frozen’s/devour and Death Touch would be my most hated traits.

I have never found the game difficult, only time consuming when you match the wrong team vs wrong team. I went from level 1 to 200 in about 2-3 weeks, I played almost all pvp back in 1.0.6. Once PvP 2.0 came about, I have disliked PvP, because I’m forced to spend gems to bypass the teams that irritate me, before it was 10 gold and you could skip a few no issues. I play games for fun, so when irritation happens, I tend to take breaks, sometimes very long breaks or even quit games if I see the game will never fix this irritation.

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level 45
0 on level 10 kingdoms.
Dragon Soul.
Able to beat 6k-ish strength opponents. Think I can beat stronger ones, but not worth the time gonna take…
a bit struggle against EK because I place my TDS on 2nd spot.

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Level 650
19 kingdoms at 5 stars
I use whatever teams are fun to me. Until recently that was a 2 crimson bat team. Not the fastest teams possible, but nowhere near the slowest either.

No struggle at all against EK teams ever.
Some struggle with BD teams, not because of BD, but because of the what he’s typically paired with.
I sometimes avoid Mab teams because of what she’s typically paired with.

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It’s always been easy, since level 1. It started becoming “quick” at about 750.

As for the starting sentence, again Bone Dragon isn’t about winning or difficulty, it’s about variety. 90% of my 3-trophy offers are Bone Dragon. 50% of ALL of my offers contain Bone Dragon. It’s not that I can’t beat him, it’s that I’d like to face some other teams for a while.

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Level 1,088
All kingdoms as maxed as they can possibly be.
I play with pretty much anything, but am limited to quite a few quick builds in order to take out a good majority of teams quickly.

BD on its own is fine, but with Wraith and Courage or with an impervious first slot it can normally get a lucky strike to take out 1/2 the team.

I look forward to see easy EK kills.

Queen Mab is about the only other extremely annoying troop I find for some of my teams, more so for the fact that she freezes.

Game became “easy” around level 300-500 and everything onward. For my let’s play account it became easy around level 30-50 and everything onward.


While I don’t see that many BD’s, you’ll get no argument from me about variety. Variety keeps things fresh and fun so anything that helps that is good in my book. :slight_smile:

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I am around level 740 on PS4 and have 19 kingdoms at 5 stars or more (with all but Dragon’s Claw, then Blackhawk, set to go from 3 to 5 as weekly event troops are released on console over the next 6 weeks or so). I’m not quite ‘end game’ yet, but I can see the soul wall approaching and am missing only a couple of base-mythics.
My preferred play-style is a bit variable. I tend to like exploders and probably use specialist troops more than most. For example, I have purpose-built teams to deal with Knights, Daemons, Khorvash, Maw, Manticore/BD and maybe a couple others. I have a few general purpose teams that are reliable in most battles and earn decent souls. My preferred approach in a tough fight is to dismantle my opponent’s teams (exploit the weakness or neuter their alpha), rather than to have some kind of super-team to faceroll them. I don’t like to loop for a long-time, unless it’s the only solution I see to a particular opponent lineup.

I don’t struggle against BD - I use Gorgotha and invite the skull spams.
I don’t struggle against EK - I use Amira to gut and filet him.
I find Mana drain troops to be annoying, particularly teams with Spirit Fox (empowered, stealthy and true damage) and, formerly, Famine. Since creating a purpose-built team to destroy Famine, I don’t struggle there anymore.
I don’t recall when the game became easy, but it was a while ago. These days, I feel like I can create a team that will win 1 and 2 trophy PVP for almost any daily task that pops up, where a few months ago I would often need to retreat to another game mode to clear those tasks. Sometimes I still complete tasks in Explore, but it is as much for speed of farming as it is for concern about losing in PVP.

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Level 1111
All kingdoms as high as they can currently go, except Blackhawk (need a few more cannons)
Current favorite team is a gem changer, but also have exploders, etc. Tailor the team used to the opponent.

Have no problems with EK, Bone Dragon, or any other troop. Like some, I do get tired of seeing them all the time. I have teams that include them, but I’m setting defenses for the weekly event. Not that I want to make it too easy. My defense for Purple Week is 4 x Kraken.

I don’t think the game was ever hard, but it certainly became much faster once I got Gorgotha and Crimson Bat and got them traited.


level 717
7 kingdom

wraith, famine, mab

struggle usually because i forgot to scout and change team. but i just retreat. the penalty is very low for 3 trophy which is awesome.

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Level 481
3 Kingdoms (22 kingdoms at Level 10 - just finishing up Armour now)
Creative Try new things out - Explore Mode ( I really love the events based around kingdoms and or types - I have actually enjoyed the last 5 weeks of the new troop introduced by them)

Yes I struggle. If BD is in slot 2 I can potentially get an attack against it especially with Minogor.

EK - again if I can get an attack off before EK gets fully charged.

The ones I really am struggling against is Psion/EK or Psion/BD where Psion is in first place. I avoid those now.

The other one I am avoiding is anything with the Horsemen together.

Now what I have found that has become easier is predicting when not to take on a team that has less point value than you - even if you think you can take them on.

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Level 431
Only Dragons Claw at 5 stars so far
I don’t really struggle with Bone Dragon
I don’t struggle with Khorvash I just use my own Khorvash and make sure to get mine up first
The game became a lot easier when I got The Dragon Soul. Before I got TDS I was in a crap guild that didn’t complete tasks and I had a crap team after I got TDS I was able to do harder battles in half the time and earning enough gold to get me into a better guild that gave resources to get better troops.

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Level 380ish
27 kingdoms lv10 and about 15 5star
Board control

Only troop that has been chappin my hide as of late is sylvanimora with entangle on 4 or 5 gem matches because i tend to use guardians and a miss can be wickid annoying

The game got easy for me when i finally found a good guild(unrepentant) i was about level 70 when that happened and in like 2 days i had a ton of good troops and dragon armor. That is why even tho i eventually left the guild to start my own im still a fan☺


Hero Level 595
kingdoms at 5+ stars: 17
preferred play style: Transform teams, really planning my moves, not just swipe at the first best match

BD: No problem now. Used to be a bit difficult if it had 3rd trait and was in 1 of the top 2 slots
EK: No problem, never really have been
other teams: not anymore. I used to have huuuge problems with mab since one frozen guy on my team pretty much ment I was screwed.

For me it became easy when I got Pharos-ra. Didn’t really have much to do with levels of hero or kingdoms. The way I play, when I get the ball rolling the opponent doesn’t get another move, so stats are pretty irrelevant

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Hero: 935
Kingdoms: 24
Play style: Hit all enemies

Bone Dragon teams with Courage and Wraith are the worst. I lose most of these despite using both Gorgotha and Sylvanimora to reduce skull damage. Now I avoid them when I can, but they are so common.

Khorvash requires changing my team to counter him. Even then, it’s a race to get mana before him. It’s not uncommon for Khorvash to hit my first two troops on his second turn (think Mercy feeding Valkyrie feeding Khorvash). And that sucks.

Generally speaking, though, Gems of War is really easy compared to other match-3 puzzle games. It got ridiculously easy when I got Gard’s Avatar and realized you could loop Alchemist and Hellcat endlessly to boost him. Because of that, I don’t even use him anymore as I consider it cheating.