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At first glance

About Vault Event and finding Gnomes… what is better(?), to see ‘1 Gem Key’ or ‘1 Event Key’ at first glance, or see 2 minor traitstones. Because for me, at first glance, ‘1 Gem Key’ or ‘1 Event Key’ looks like ‘1 Vault Key’… :rofl:

1 Key, for sure.
Even though it is slight disappointment when one realizes it’s not a vault key, gem and event keys are still valuable, unlike minor stones that are…dunno, the worst reward ever?

The fun thing is that a Gnome giving 3 event keys or 4 gem keys might be better than a Vault Key with bad rewards. :grin: But still 3 and 4 is numbers that dont make confusion upon the very first “first glance”…