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Asking for straight yes or no. Will GWs bracket system ever be address?

A few weeks ago, a few friends and myself from higher end guilds decided there was nothing left for us to do. We had been in the high end for a long time and decided in order to keep the game fun, we would just start a guild from scratch and see how far we could take it within two years.

We got very lucky and were able to recruit an extremely fine team of 30 players. We hit 40k seals in our 2nd week. We took in lower levels and we are nearing LTs, etc etc. Doing great for the guild to be 23 days old!

I knew GWs would be the sore spot. It has been talked about a lot on these forums and all I have seen in response to it is “We are going to hand the request to the dev team”. That is all I have seen on it. I know for certain my guild is not alone in this issue. I did not know just how many brackets there are now in the GWs system.

This isn’t just about us, I know a lot of guilds doing fantastic who are stuck in this same bracket system.

I offer no suggestions on how to fix the system, as I have seen countless threads about this and countless suggestions on how to fix it. I understand that many guilds have earned their way there, but there are so many new guilds (whom are mostly dead and still in GWs) and it puts actual decent guilds who are wanting to achieve something, literally 10 years behind.

To put it simply, we would just please like to know, is there anything that can possibly be done about GW’s? If not please let us know so we, as a guild, and other guilds in our position, can move forward.

Again, I don’t mean to come across as an attack as I love this game it’s gave me thousand hours of fun. I think you all do fantastic job and thank you for the recent updates. Just really want some feedback for my guild and other guilds who are in same position. Again I seen months ago that it was posted it would be handed off to dev team. Perhaps we can find out if there is any progress at all being made or if the system is staying as is?

Either is fine, but we just want to plan accordingly.


you move up more then that, i have not dug into it, but our baby guild has jumped 20 or 30 brackets the last couple of guild wars. It will still take a while to climb over the mountain of garbage in there though…

I think that you move up 2 brackets if you are at the top of the current one. That moves you up 20 places because each bracket has 10 spots.

Ah so if I am wrong about way we move up then that is great news. Me being wrong on how it works would be absolutely great news lol.

This is correct! I will double check my baby guilds rise through the ranks see if if was brackets or just spots

Thanks a bunch Fishnia appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Our tracker is showing we have indeed been going up 20ish brackets each week, except for that one week we had a hard charging guild in our bracket, and they beat us in total points, we went down about 20 brackets


Ok that is great news. Again, Thanks a ton for your help on this.


still going to take a while to climb the ranks, but considerably shorter then 9 years! It looks like the number of brackets they jump each week is steadily decreasing

Not sure when it happens. But the big jumps stop around at least bracket 100. It looks like then you can only move up 2 brackets a GW week.
So a guild that is great at bracket 90. Will still have to wait 120 weeks Total to even make the top 10.
80 brackets. Divided by 2 brackets a week. Multiplied by 3.
Definitely needs to be revamped.