Ask The Devs

Ok, everyone, time for you to ask the all wise, all knowing @Jeto any question you want.

Question 1: Ok, all knowing one, are Infernus and Obsidius brothers?
Question 2: Is it true Night Hags are better seen than heard?
Riddle 1: Where I ride, cries are heard throughout the land. Who am I?
Riddle 2: If you decide to eat you will dine. If you change your mind, you will _________.

Would be nice if devs could answer much more important questions ahead of time.

Such as which mythic troops could be obtained from event keys the next week… :bulb:


I will play.
Answer 1: Banshee?
Answer 2: die?

I agree with @Graeme here.

@Presto How I wish you were a comedian, but you are as dry as the crackers I had this morning. Try harder boy!!

You are probably a better ballet dancer than a comedian, so at least you know what you should try next. :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :clap:

Sounds like Eika is the Queen of _____ ____.

hahaha, how I got you.