Ash#Tag player level 1420 is looking for a friendly and active guild

Hello, I am Ash # Tag French player level 1420, serious and active. I make 1500 seals, between 500 and 1000 trophies, participation in all events (tier 3 mini). I play actively but I’m not a machine, I will not make 2000 or more trophies, less time because of the many events in the week. If you are interested leave me a message;)

If interest spots still open here at Solophobia. Sent you a discord request :slight_smile:

Black Dragon could have an open spot on Monday.
MadKing#0962 on Discord

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If I may ask, why not change Monday after Guild Wars rewards are mailed out? That’s a lot of gems that you’re passing up by changing guilds on Sunday.

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up :grinning:

Hei ash we have a open spot. Dragon’s peak if you are interested. I send you an invent

Yes I am interested, I will wait for your invitation . :wink:

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what was youre invite code?

ASHLEY_101 but if it does not work, I’m still in the pvp ranking

It worked Ash.:grin::ok_hand:

it’s ok yep :yum: