Ascension Guide - Troop Upgrade and Rarity - 1.0.8

Hey again!

I promise that this is my last guide for the day! :slight_smile:

With 1.0.08, it is now possible to upgrade a troop rarity, up to mythical. Each upgrade improve the troop stats.


Here is how troop rarity currently work:

Common < Rare < Ultra-Rare < Epic < Legendary < Mythic

Troops have a max level they can be upgraded to:

  • Common: 15
  • Rare: 16
  • Ultra-Rare: 17
  • Epic: 18
  • Legendary: 19
  • Mythic: 20

Improving troop rarity therefore enables you to upgrade your troop to a higher level.


For starters, we need to get into the crafting menu. Pick the troop you wish to upgrade and click on the anvil icon underneath the card:

You’ll immediately arrive on the Level tab, which tells you what your troop level currently is, and whether or not you can spend souls to upgrade it:

In the above screenshot, you can see that my troop is level 15, and that I can spend either 500 souls to improve it by one level, or 2 450 souls to upgrade it to its current max possible level, 19 (which means this is a legendary troop).

Each level from 16 to 19 gives +1 to the Attack, Armour and Life stats. Let’s increase this troop to 19! The game then gives me this message:

Ah yes, this is my current max level, but troops can now be mythical and get to level 20… so, how does this rarity change work?


In order to improve a troop rarity, you need to sacrifice duplicates. That’s what the Ascension is all about.
Let’s see how it is in practice!

We first need to head to the Ascension tab:

From there, we can see how many troops are needed to get to the next level:

All that is needed now is to sacrifice the required number, which is 5 in this specific case, and click on the Ascend button. The Ascension tab then gives you this message:

Congrats! That troop is level 20! You still need to pay the soul fee to give it its new stats though:

Now, the Level tab will show you this text:

Ok, so that’s all nice and dandy, but what is the exact price for ascending a troop? Well, it all depends on the base rarity. A troop needs one ascension for each new level of rarity:

  • First Ascension: 5 duplicates
  • Second Ascension: 10 duplicates
  • Third Ascension: 25 duplicates
  • Fourth Ascension: 50 duplicates
  • Fifth Ascension: 100 duplicates

So a Legendary will “only” need five duplicates to become mythical, while an Ultra-Rare will need 40 duplicates and a common will need 190! Obviously, it’s much easier to hoard lower rarity troops than higher ones, so it’s all get balanced in the end. :wink:

Let’s look at an example, the multiple Ascensions of a small Goblin from Zaejin:

Ascension 1

Ascension 2

Ascension 3

Ascension 4

Ascension 5 - sorry little Goblin, not now…

Yeah, I didn’t have enough of them to go to Mythic, but I think it’s making the process pretty clear. Also, I am now the proud owner of a Legendary Goblin, so there’s that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope this guide helped make the rarity system clearer.

Have fun improving your units!


Nice. I did the exact same thing with my Skeleton (then swore for a bit :stuck_out_tongue: ) … I still don’t think this should be done only by spamming clicks. Seeing as this is going to be done to EVERY troop, no worrying about souls or traitstones or anything else that might impede us. Should have a ‘sacrifice to next level’ WITHOUT hitting it 25 or 50 or 100 times first.

I agree so much with your point. My fingers got tired quickly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t even see the point of that ascension progress bar. All it seems to introduce is a separate pool to park your troops in, except that they become permanently unavailable without yielding an immediate benefit by doing so. Am I missing something obvious here? Or couldn’t we just have an “Ascend” button that becomes active whenever we have enough troops to sacrifice available, skipping the whole exercise in mouse button mutilation?

You’re missing absolutely nothing. This is exactly what should be done. Everyone agrees, probably.