Ascension and Traits reverted


Have created a support log for this, (still waiting on a reply), just wanted to see if anyone else has had the same issue.
Early this morning, purchased five of the ‘Wild Fang’ rewards (400 glory each equaling to 2000 glory spent) purely to get another ten of the Arcane Blood Traitstones (I had previously purchased one of these packs earlier in the week without issue) to finally complete all the traits on my ‘Anointed One’.
After purchasing the packs, I immediately spent all the gold and keys I had just earned, then went and completed the Traits on my ‘Anointed One’ and also ascended my ‘Wild Fang’ to legendary status.
Returning to the game about five hours later, both my ‘Anointed One’ and ‘Wild Fang’ had been reverted back and the 2000 glory I had spent purchasing them were gone also. I have no idea what else was removed, ie the troops I got from the gold and keys spent, but I’m just furious at the fact my ‘Anointed One’ was back to only one trait completed as I had waited for so long to try upgrading him.
Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Edit: Support staff corrected the problem and mentioned, “…We are aware of this and it is due to a caching issue were it didn’t save the results.”


I upgraded all of my troops to a level 6 minimum and 10 minutes later I when to upgrade to level 7 minimum and found that all of those upgrades didn’t happen.

Still took over 4000 souls out of my account.

I also purchased a fang pack mainly for the 50 event keys and souls, I had 156 troops and in the chests I received another 2 new troops. When I went back into my guild I only had 154 troops.

Seems there is some sort of glitch here.


Hi Killa,
Contact support and we’ll look into it for you. It’s currently the weekend and support won’t be back until Monday morning, but I’m sure we can sort it out for you.


Already done.