Ascend Scrolls Feature

This weeks Event offered extra scrolls … but i already have 1,500+

So how about the ability to “ascend” them (like troops) … so 10 “normal” (say “bronze” scrolls) yields one “silver” scroll - use this in the mini-game and it’s EXACTLY the same EXCEPT that the lowest drop is a silver coin (ie NO Bronze coins drop). Ascend 10 silver (ie 100 normal/bronze) for a “gold” scroll where … you guessed it … the lowest drop is a gold coin (ie no bronze or silver drop).



People have been asking for an improvement to Maps for a LOOONG time and the devs seem happy with it as it is. BUT, I will say this is the first time Ive seen a suggestion like this. There have been other suggestions to use bulk maps to increase multipliers and such but actually removing lower rarity coins… Neat Idea!! :wink:

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Just get rid of the maps altogether. Let people play Treasure Hunt for some amount of gold, just like arena. The game already has too many commodities the way it is, many of which become virtually useless the higher level you get.

I like that idea and have over 300 myself, just don’t play the treasure maps enough.

I suggested that a while back, on the basis that maps rapidly become a dead currency that doesn’t affect players’ decisions. People want them to be meaningful, and so they make these kind of suggestions in an attempt to do so. However…

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I’m not trying to undermine the “map” concept … i quite enjoy it as a distraction … it’s just when you have sooooo many it just needs “something” … I feel this suggestion would make this mini-game fun for ALL levels … if they (developers) want to keep it balanced they could apply different “trade up” values - mine were just a suggestion. However, having read elsewhere in this forum I think the developers don’t really listen to the players much and just do what they want / think :wink:

i think its great idea, but will need to be done for each map separately, unlike the “ascend” mechanism for troops where once ascended all new drops are also ascended per default

i think id ascend them twice (10 + 25 for one was it?) in order to play but at least then i would play some :yum:

I know, it’s unfortunate. I still can’t believe people actually buy maps.

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perhaps the map purchases simply indicates how many “new players” there are in comparison to “players who stayed”

I’m not sure “new” players cuts it. Maps are EXTREMELY easy to acquire. Buying them makes no sense, not even for a new player.

Unless they’re completely unaware of how the game works coming in, I guess.

well i have to guess here in most cases unaware and/or lazy

and dont forget early game, before you played too many of them, maps are actually fun

They were also quite easy to come by in the early game. Tyri is one of the first troops you get and in the early game, she’s quite strong. Accumulating maps requires almost no effort, even in the early game. I used dozens of them.

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I have literally never used Tyri or any of her relatives, and still acquire maps faster than I could possibly use them. Once you start using a gem converter, cascades provide a ready supply of maps. So there’s a very, very small window in which maps seem like a limited currency. I don’t understand why anyone would purchase maps, but apparently people do, and I can see why the devs wouldn’t be in a hurry to cut off a free revenue stream, no matter how little sense it makes.

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