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As my mother used to say.... stop getting your panties in a twist

I am borrowing this from another online gaming system I have been involved with for over 20 years and slightly modified it and (update) removed a term that was found offensive.

And I want to thank the Developers, testers, product engineers, UI designers, Artists and NetOps for their amazing work for this FREE game. I personally enjoy and am having fun.

Ten commandments of online gaming

1: Thou shalt be considerate of thine fellow gamers.

This is the big one, and all of them pretty much come back to this. on a single player game you can do whatever you want with no negative repercussions to anyone, but this is a game -nothing more- nothing less - you could be ruining someone else’s experience inadvertently. So always try to think of how your actions affect other gamers before doing something stupid.

2: Thou shalt not talk down to casuals.

A more controversial one. But in all honesty you are no better than another gamer because you play more or you think more or you strategize better, or been around longer, or have the most powerful troops. Always respect the gameplay decisions of other players, and don’t be rude to newbs. Just because they are new here does not mean they are inexperienced players. Most folks who play on-line are experienced in some form of gaming off line. And isn’t rocket science nor a new concept.

3: Thou shalt not harass gamers of the opposite gender.

This goes more for men but it applies both ways. Don’t be assholes and send creepy messages and such to female gamers, if it is creepy in real life it’s just as creepy in a game. But ladies, stalking is just as creepy to guys as it is to you and then saying provocative things and not expect a few weirdos to hit you up. Everyone should be mature.

4: Thou shalt keep your hero/troop/team separate from yourself.

There’s nothing worse than talking trash about someone’s team and whining about it here. All actions taken during game play are to be judgement free outside of it. Don’t be a baby.

5: Thou shalt not troll.

This deserves it’s own thread because of how heavily it is intertwined with gaming, specifically with the forums and chat. Please don’t feed the flames. If you see a group having a respectful conversation, or a post, thread or dialog that is constructive, don’t be a jerk and post some comment that is insulting or worse derogatory just because you think the thread is ridiculous or out of date or old. A lot of people actually go and read the forum and fill in answers for questions that were asked that never got a response or something has changed in game. Remember SEARCH doesn’t care how old it is, it will return a result if someone went looking for something.

6: Thou shalt not take the game seriously.

This includes any position you hold in a guild, level your hero has obtained, hours, days, months, years you have spent on the system, troops you have mythical levels, new, old, what not, - it don’t mean anything! The only thing is - you game and that’s about the extent of the seriousness. So Chat goes down, find another chat system and go chat there if you don’t want to game. Run out of reasons to be here because you maxed your tasks, trophies, seals, what not… Contribute to the WIKI - help flush out missing sections of information. There is a lot of things you can do, you just need to stop taking this so seriously.

7: Thou shalt not allow yourself to be trolled.

Trolling isn’t gonna stop, so you should just be on your guard regarding trolls. Don’t engage people who won’t listen to reason, if a person is bothering you then do absolutely nothing and they’ll eventually leave. This is especially true about battles, guilds and strategy. Let them have their illusion of power and just move on.

8: Thou shalt not steal.

This goes without saying. Come on - hacking to be the #1 on the weekly wins is just being a jerk. Simple as that.

9: Thou shalt not get annoyed/angry/upset at the outcome of the game.

It is just a game. It isn’t life or death. It’s pixels on a screen. It’s bugs in the product, it’s random glitches that bring down chat, it’s weird interactions between troops that may not have been predicted.

10: Thou shalt have fun.

Most importantly, everyone needs to remember - this is the #1 rule - HAVE FUN. If you’re not having fun, go find something to have fun with. Choices. WE all make choices. You 86400 seconds in each day, and having fun is part of a good happy life. Stop complaining and start just having fun :slight_smile:


Another rule- Don’t necro old official news threads. Every time someone necroes one of those threads, it makes people that don’t frequent the forums, think that it’s new news. Chances are if the post is 6 months old, everyone got their answers, or don’t care.



The commandment says ‘don’t be a twink’ … it isn’t calling anyone or naming anyone a twink :smile_cat:

To be a twink, or not to be a twink: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer as a twink
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune being a twink,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles as a twink,
And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep being a twink;

I wonder what this would be in Klingon…

You do know what the primary definition of “twink” is right? You should probably use a different word.

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A underleveled MMO character that is intentionally overgeared for the purposes of dominating PvP?

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I was joking, probably in poor taste. Apologies.

Oh I am actually going to break one of the commandments and get myself trolled…

Actually HKdirewolf, yes, at least three urban definitions. The version I believe they were using in this 10 commandments since the post was pulled from a WildCat BBS and reposted to a WoW forum - is the Don’t be a twink(aka the urban reference to The phallic shape of the “TWINKIE” snack cake" aka don’t be a prick/dick/etc)

I seriously doubt it is in reference to a young slender gay male. Nor do I think it is in reference to white male no kinks, though I can see back in the 90s/early 2000s that the predominate gamer back then would be white male, someone who was a bit socially awkward… so maybe… but I think they were using it as to not be a jerk.

As I mentioned at the top of the post - I borrowed this, just removed the WOW references and replaced with some of the GoW references.


First off, urban definition? Get real

Second, you meant twink as a gay slur and you know you did. Get real.

Third, [quote=“Taisiakat, post:11, topic:13220, full:true”]
I am actually going to break one of the commandments and get myself trolled…

Pandora’s box is nothing compared to what you opened.

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@Taisiakat HK makes a valid point. Why not change “twink” to “jerk”?

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Fair enough - and done. Term changed.

Thanks much.

I had been joking about my definition of “twink,” but given that this originated in a WoW context, and given the contextual stigma associated with PvP twinks, it’s actually quite possible that this was the original author’s intent, and it’s only here (out of context) where the purjorative term comes to mind first.

Or I’m giving mankind too much benefit of the doubt…


Indeed, you are a special snowflake

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If I hated you, you’d know it. Subtlety =/= TaliaParks


what is a twink, i see it in porn all the time.

I didn’t know it was a bad word. I’ve always seen it when people referred to characters in mmos, or when I worked in an adult store a bit ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like how this thread just became about twinks though.