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As I play The Labyrinth

… with my pure faction team, I find myself asking, “Why do the devs hate me so much?”


in your opinion, which one is worse, this or lyrasza lair? I havent done the latter but i heard it’s monstrous

Because the more you are already invested, the more likely you are to resort to financial solutions to stop the game from abusing you and make it ‘normal’ again. Same reason people pour large amounts of energy into abusive relationships before giving up on them.


I did Lyraza Lair on the weekend event. I don’t recall such pain. Nor did I spend so much gold or gems to conquer it.

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Weirdly I am at 500 and ready to go pure. My faction is over 60k but I just don’t want to go pure on this 1. The reason, we have an LB of 15 million for the power orb and I just think…if fjs enjoy faction this much then my lack of enjoyment speaks volumes. Sure…I have the gems to waste a few hours and eventually Max the delve but the reality is I simply can’t be bothered to do so. Enjoyment gone, engagement gone

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I’m putting this in the “why do the devs hate us” column.

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Agree; apathetic development; response apathetic play, not worth doing as a delve.

The devs (designers) don’t hate you.
It’s worse than that. They are indifferent to how you feel.
They are only interested in how many gems/gold players are willing to invest in these Faction Assault events and could care less how much they enjoy them.
They only care about how much that investment translates to real dollars.

To think they hate you would make them think of you as human beings and not just cash cows.

Hell, we aren’t even worthy of proper product testing prior to release. So I was forced to use troops at level 500 that I easily confused for others because the images look the same to me. Like the devs see us the same. Aka :moneybag:.

Will we get an apology or compensation for their indifference to a bug to they are taking weeks to fix? Absolutely not. Because we may confuse that for empathy or sympathy. And since they refuse to play their own game… Even for QA purposes… We get shaken down for more money to fund their next IP. Because clearly… The money isn’t going into GoW anymore. They are trying to keep the game going with as little human input as possible. It’s sad…af.


The faction is awful. Period.


Unworthy gaming experience. Period. Fullstop. Pitifully unrewarding. Can it get worse. Probably.

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As a counter opinion, my Lyrasza’s Lair is still at 2200, or 2300, or wherever I left it. I tried a few times to do the pure faction run, but I quickly gave up on having four troops whose spells were equally likely to hurt me, do nothing, or help me.

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hard to say, but i had flashback of lyszara playing the labirynt… both are crap…

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Well, Lyrasza’s Lair at least received basic care. For The Labyrinth we got:

  • A banner that doesn’t have the correct color weights
  • A troop that claims to deal splash damage and only deals minor splash damage
  • A troop with a supposedly unique legendary trait that is really a copy of a hero class trait
  • A map that has broken topology, requiring beating an additional room on the long path
  • An asset issue that causes troop images to not get displayed

I sort of wish someone from IP2 would speak up and explain how things could possibly get messed up that much. I’m sort of glad that they won’t deem us worthy of communication, because all we’d get is yet another canned response that “everything is working as intended, trust us”.


I would blame it on putting new content while most of company workers were on holidays.

On my previous job, we had one guy, who was working 4days/week, basicaly fridays were off work for him. He had a realy bad manner of pushing new updates in Thursday evening onto production system :wink:

You can imagine that small apocalypse we had every friday, after such push :smiley:
Especialy that this guy loved to hike and most of the time we weren’t able to catch him with phone either as he was already somewhere in the mountains (most of mountain ranges here have weak-to-none mobile coverage)

Basicaly adding new stuff and going on holidays is a bad plan.

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Certainly true, however:

  • Christmas and New Years celebrations have been around since before 350 CE, so shouldn’t be entirely unanticipated at this point.
  • The responsible thing would’ve been to make doubly sure that content for the holidays works across all platforms.
  • The game has been worked on for 6+ years - the company has made multiple (match-3) games before GoW. Every single person at I+2 should be absolute masters of their craft (and other crafts) by now.

And yet, most bugs used to fall into one of these categories:

  • Nobody went over the unit’s spell & trait scripts to check for basic logic errors.
  • Nobody proofread the unit’s spell & trait descriptions to check for consistency, grammar & spelling.

Now we’re at a point where:

  • Game mechanics are decided the very morning an event is supposed to begin.
  • The game is not even launched anymore on some platforms to check for basic functionality.

I’m sure they could find the $250 AUD somewhere to buy a budget Android phone for the company and use that for beta testing.


Don’t forget the past two factions had bugs…

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Precisely. If this were a one-time issue, it would be at least slightly more understandable.

This is what new forum users don’t see; it’s not that each individual issue is worthy of the negativity it gets here on the forums, it’s that these issues have been piling up over a very long time, and instead of getting better, each update seems to make it worse.


This should be a Sticky in the forums: it would save so many parties so much cumulative time.
:pray: :relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


I see all these new forum folks all positive and fighting the negativity like I used to… Guess everyone needs time to see for themselves :joy: