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Artifact Tab isn't updating Stars Earnt

I’m posting on behalf of a number of Discord Dm’s asking me how to get the stars to update. I’ll use my screenshots but it is happening for other users on ios also

Platform, device version and operating system:
Mobile (Andriod and iOS)

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Completed tasks, collected the stars, campaign pass tab updates, Artifact tab still shows 0/100 stars

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Its happening on multiple accounts and devices. It updates the artifact tab to 100/100 stars when you reach 100 but it is incorrectly showing 0/0 up until this point

Steps to make it happen again
Complete any task eg gold for 15 stars, collect stars on campaign pass tab, visit artifact tab, Artifact shows 0/0 stars

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artifact page not only shows 0/100, but it shows 0/0…

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Nice spot on my typo @Sytro !

uhh…you know you need to click the arrow??

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Good point there, it shows stars needed for the current level of articat, that is displayed.
so for lvl 0 artifact, max is capped @ 0, and for every other levels it shows the right numbers
check another artifact levels

Earlier, my artifact showed +5 life even though I did not have 100 stars. Now it shows no bonus like it should.

:rofl: slight face palm on my behalf there but also i probably should word it better

Well yes level 1/10 shows the stars as 55/100 , level 2 as 55/200 but seen as prior to achieving level 1 artifact you open on the level 0 artifact the page misleadingly shows you have zero stars which is the issue rather than the xx/0. The yellow 0 shows zero stars earnt which is what is tripping players up

Even if it’s behaving “as intended”, it’s very confusing.


Yeah that is the issue here for sure. The information displayed is slightly misleading because it shows you have zero stars. Obviously 55/0 wouldn’t look right either but showing zero earnt until you upgrade to level 1 is what is making players think ‘uh oh, something is wrong’

I dispute your use of the word, “slightly.” It’s very misleading, and quite unprofessional.