Armour bonus to souls


Hi one of the bonus things I need to do is equip armour that grants a bonus to souls what does it mean and how do I get it thanks in advance for any help


Armor can be purchased in the store with gems. I don’t know what other armor exists on Consoles but the cheapest on Steam/Mobile that boosts souls is Assassin Armor for 50 gems. I - and most others - would always advise you aim for Dragon Armor if possible (and then Celestial after that). Depends on your access to gems.

I also don’t know what that task grants you, so you may wish to weigh the benefits of spending the gems that way. Armor is a good investment in general though.



It’s a scary world out there people…never leave home without it - too many creatures with sharp & pointy things trying to bite/shoot/devour you!:laughing:


Thank you for your help


If you’re willing to spend a small amount of money, the cheapest bundle package offers a different armor(obsidian on ps4, something else on xbox1). That armor gives +50% experience and +25% souls. The pack also comes with 3 magic keys, and something else minor I think.

The armor counts for that task, and it’s a nice way to give yourself a little boost in the game. And it’s quite reasonably priced imho. 4 pounds here; not sure about other currencies though.


Also, just to add on, that task gives 2k gold, but is one of the tasks that seem to be randomly chosen from after you’ve done all the earlier tasks. Sometimes it even happens multiple times in a row. I had it 4 times back to back today, and a couple other times as well(the most I’ve ever had it). It’s nothing major, but it can be a nice little boost.


Yeah, I’ll back the idea of buying the Obsidian bundle. It was $5.00 (Canadian) and also came with a bunch of souls as well as the stuff mentioned above.

I used to play free-to-play games for free… but have since revised my perspective and if I put in a bunch of hours, then it’s nice to give some money to the Dev’s and get a permanent boost (+50% experience and +25% souls). Gems of War is definitely worth 5 bucks. Besides, once you have the armor, it’s a free 2000 gold every time the task comes up. I must have gotten at least 20,000 gold now from that reoccurring task. Switch armor and then back… BOOM… 2000 gold… straight to the guild! lol

Basically, the Obsidian bundle is a good value and will pay you back with a bunch of gold over time.