Arena - New Mechanics Implemented?

Basically the title.

I’d like to know how all the updates affect Arena. I know the rewards have been adjusted.

What I want to know is if:

-Your difficulty setting affects the difficulty of arena matches.
-Your difficulty setting affects the rewards of arena matches
-If troop type / troop bonuses come into play ever when setting up arena teams
-If traits are ever implemented in arena teams (Do you get unlocked traits if you selected a troop that you have traits unlocked for?)

If I’ve missed anything else, please feel free to add them.

[quote=“PanHybrid, post:1, topic:2152”]
-Your difficulty setting affects the difficulty of arena matches.[/quote]




Yes, troops are now all Level 15 instead of 10 in the Arena. This changes what you can or can’t get away with quite significantly.

Difficulty setting goes based off of the lowest setting you use. If you do 7 matches on Warlord 2, but then switch down to hard to make sure you get that last 8th win, you only get the hard bonus.

@Tacet - are you saying that Arena rewards are based on the 8th battle only?

i.e. one could play ‘normal’ for first 7 battles, then a harder difficulty on the last battle to get higher rewards?

It’s based off the lowest difficulty, not last.

Not the best design, let me suggest improvement: the difficulty must be part of the arena creation. You chose it when pay the entry, and that is used till you’re done. Completely independent of the global setting (though it may be used as default value for the entry input – but I’d prefer it rather remembered the last used here).

Also the team should sit down and figure out a proper set of rewards for each difficulty. The scaling we have is nonsense even for pvp, but completely unfit for the arena.


This is a good idea. Pretty sure the rest of team will agree. I’ll see what we can do, no promises on time frame though.

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That makes sense. Choose the difficulty beforehand and scale the rewards accordingly

I think this makes no sense. The system now works great, if you want the rewards for the higher difficulty you start paying at that difficulty. If it comes down to having to lower the diff or not complete the full arena, you lower the diff.

i would prefer to choose difficulty after i choose my team cause you could say i am horrible with the rng of draft play

You wanna risk the arena, you gets what you’s given… :smile: