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Arena load loop

Hi, I’m new to GoW but I’ve played a lot of puzzle quest. Anyway, I’ve been fighting in the arena and every couple matches it goes into an infinite load loop when I attempt to start a match. I had to restart the game several times today to just get thru two complete arena runs. Very annoying! Btw I love your game!

I am on Xbox one.

Been there, done that, rented the stable. Nothing you can do except be lucky it won’t happen again.


I think on console there is a bug if you look at the rewards screen (Y) Button before a match. Until this is resolved… just don’t do it. The Developers are aware so it should be patched “in the next update”

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll do my best to go straight into the match w/o checking other screens. Hopefully, it runs smoother.