Arena bug - screen hang

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened? Pick my third arena card and then play! What really happened: I got the bug where it sticks on the third card screen. Unlike previous times this has happened, a hard quit of the app didn’t fix it. I just pick the three cards again (from the same sets of three cards) and it hangs on the third screen again. I’ve done the circle like three times.

What are the steps to make it happen again? iOS 9.1, open app, go to arena get stuck in loop. Do hard quit, try again. Get the same cards, hang on the same screen :frowning:

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Same thing happened to me. Here is how it went with me. Picked an arena team, left the arena to go select a home town to get that town’s mana bonus.

I know you can select mana bonus team by team, I assume the arena team is different? So I make my home town the one with double purple bonus, and go back to my team in the arena.

Now I’m back to selecting my team all over again, with the same troops and after the team is built, it’s frozen just like the person above me. I quit the app and restart only to have to reselect the same team and have it freeze again.

Ok after trying a complete reboot of my iPad, it still doesn’t work so when I need to select the team, I choose DIFFERENT troops and bingo it goes past the freeze spot.

BUT I proceed to win both of the first two battles but collect 0 gold at the end of the battle and both are marked as losses and that Arena ends.

Buying a new arena so far is working normal.

We’re in the process of fixing this and should have a fix out in the next day or two. It seems to happen if you exit out of the arena menu after selecting troops, and then go to select the same troops as before. So try not to do that for now.

If you are experiencing this problem, the workaround is when you go to select troops you will need to select at least one different troop compared to your previous selection.

But, separately to clarify, if I select an arena team and want say, double mana bonus for that team, when I go to a town, it’s not clear the mana bonus for setting each town as a home town, or if it even works that way anymore. When I played arena I didn’t notice any troop getting any mana bonus at all.

I had the same experience on my iPad, and when I tried the suggested workaround (pick one different troop), I got into the arena battle. However, it counted each of my wins as losses.