Are your guild duties starting to feel like a job? The Leafy Sea Dragons can fix that! We've got a few free slots available


Are you tired of slaving over excessive weekly requirements for your guild?

Want to take a vacation from Gems of War without fear of being kicked from your guild?

Come and join the Leafy Sea Dragons on PS4!

We’re number 345 in the league and proud of it. We never get all the weekly seals because our members have other things to do and that’s okay. We never complete all the weekly guild tasks either - who has 15.6 million gold to spend every week? Not us! And legendary tasks? Never done any … which is great because we’ve never been disappointed spending a mill on falsely advertised rewards.

If you’re interested in working away at your own pace and picking up a few rewards from your guild, then the Leafy Sea Dragons is for you. Our only requirement is that you play once every week or so … and if you can collect your seals weekly if you’ve earned some, that’s great too.

Reply or message me if you’re interested and I’ll send you an invite …


Hi, if you still have spaces I’d like to apply. Fairly new player (OP), just hit 70 and looking for some motivation to keep logging on and progress. On most days, definitely weekly, and will do what I can when I can. Find me on PS4 as NocaritasUK. Hope to hear from you


Hey if you are still accepting people and have slots open I’d like to join. I play daily and need somewhere to put gold into.


Hey Ninjash - yes, we’re still accepting people. I sent you a message. Cheers