Are you a end gamer looking for a fresh challenge playing GOW?

If your looking for a new challenge, im looking for end game players and veterans of the game to join me in building a new guild from scratch.
So I’m looking for gamers of lvl 1250+ to join me. Eventually the guild will be focused on voluntary gold contribution on regular weeks and large gold dumps 10M+ on guild wars week. Its gonna be a challenge so Freeloaders and Lightweights need not apply.
Pease post below if your interested as this is a Invite only Guild, and if not thanks for taking the time to read.

Best of luck to you Stub! Recruiting at the end gamer level is hard, especially with so many established guilds vying for them, so you’ve set yourself a significant challenge.


nothing worthwhile is easy :slight_smile: 2 recruits so far.

Looks like I’ve overestimated the GOW community. Only 4 people brave enough to take on the challenge so far.