Are we 100% sure that pvp trait drops are random?

I get a lot of G/P (my main defense team) and a lot of R/Br (my main attack team) over a dozen of each maybe over 2 dozen… and theres a handful of arcanes i’ve never gotten or have 1-3 of that i think came outta keys…

just seems a lil odd that I get overloaded with the banners I use…

What traitstones you get from PVP, are based on what kingdom you are fighting in (ie the opponent’s home kingdom).

(At least on the PC/ Mobile version)

not supposed to be on consoles…

Consoles could possibly be associated with the banners used.
This would be an interesting way of incorporating selective stones, but a console dev would have to confirm/deny the claim to be certain.

Well I was just in PvP. When it first pulled up the opponent, it said “Broken Spire”. Chose to fight him. On the troop selection screen, it said “Adams”. Previewing his troops though showed he was using the “Karakoth” banner. After beating him I received a purple stone while my guild activity said I had invaded Karakoth.

So it looks like their banner is what determines the stones that drop (or not as later tests showed). Going to try again and let you know. (And this was on ps4).

same happens to me cept with zhul kari my defense banner…

i click invade it says broken spire… click fight… says maugrim woods… i scout… hes using sword’s edge… what in the hell?

ok woods is my current defense team not sure why that matters there is sumthin really weird happening here… or im crazy… or both…

Well this time I invaded and got Divinion Fields. Choose fight and I get Adams again. His banner is Stormheim.

I win and get a yellow stone. Activity said I invaded Divinion Fields.

Yeah, it’s not making sense at all as the first time it used their banner and second time it used that first screen info.

Third time it went Zhul’Kari, Adams, and he used Zhul’Kari banner.

I received a red stone.

At this point I’ll wait for @Nex or @Mr.Strange to share what’s supposed to 've going on.

Edit: Guild activity said I had invaded Mist of Scales which is red and blue. Ok so maybe it uses their home kingdom but we have no idea what their home kingdom is?

i dont think we can see that but dont most ppl home to khetar for souls or whitehelm for glory?

No cause supposedly Revenge battles are in your home kingdom so it’s an extra way to farm a specific color.

that only pc… pretty sure nex said they are supposed to be random for us…

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in the other thread “traitstone farming”, Mr.Strange confirmed me that traits drop are totally random in PvP. Only challenges and quests will guarantee you the color (or in most cases 1 of the 2 colors) of the kingdom.
Same for arcanes, for ex. if you play a challenge in Maugrim woods over and over and finally receive an arcane, it will be the swamp one.

doesn’t feel random which is why I ask myself and at least a few others get tons of these green/purple for some reason… if it was just me I’d think RNG is bein mean to me… but it certainly feels skewed at this point…

Yeah…red/yellow seems to drop less often than purple/green. but some days i also receive as much red/yellow minors than other colors. i dunno… if you really need a specific color, just farm one of the 6 unique color kingdom in challenge mode.

The color of traitstone drops in PvP is random on consoles.

I feel your RNG pain - I need brown & yellow runic stones, so I was doing challenges in Drifting Sands. I pulled 8x brown, and not a single yellow yet… UGH.

Drifting Sands challenges… I see what you did there… (Unless you meant on the pc version in which case it’s far less of a tease.)

It’s not a clever tease - my personal account I play on the PC side.

(Wouldn’t really be fair for me to “play” on the console side.)

Actually you should play on the console bause another set of eyes to find problems and fix them before they get out.

I apologize if I was unclear. We all DO play on console, but we use various test & company accounts. That’s a critical part of the work, obviously!